Dixie Carter

Amid a series of media appearances by TNA President Billy Corgan on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and Busted Open on SiriusXM this week confirming reports about financial uncertainty in TNA heading into Bound For Glory on Sunday, TNA Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer Dixie Carter took to Twitter appearing to address the situation.

Carter, who was given the new title of Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer back in August, said she didn’t make it a habit to comment on speculation and stressed the importance of both the Bound For Glory PPV and the Impact Wrestling tapings to follow in Orlando.

As of Friday evening, nothing new has been revealed regarding the current ownership rights of TNA in what Corgan described as a “furious fight” on ESPN Radio. We can confirm that numerous talent and TNA staff have flights and hotels still on as scheduled.

You can check out Carter’s statements below.


  1. Hoping this doesn’t mean a shoot type work is in the works with a company take-over theme (seemed weird what Billy was saying considering Dixie just made him President so recently but who knows, perhaps he is just being full disclosure) 🙂

  2. Dixie does this as well. She has said “stay tuned” numerous times for “BIG” announcements, only to have nothing actually happen.

  3. How can they get their stuff together when TNA can’t get their stuff together. Hence the lack of information available.

  4. Big things are happening this week, hence by weeks end HHH shows up and announces the purchase of TNA wrestling and it’s complete library by WWE for the low, low price of $9.99!!!! lmao!

  5. Jeremy, I understand the frustration. However, to just completely ignore a statement from the Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer seems a tad silly. Not to mention we were able to confirm flights/hotels being on as scheduled when a myriad of wrestling websites reported the direct opposite (something we held on until we could actually confirm).

  6. I’ll be so pissed if Vince buys TNA. You know he’ll shut it down anf buy the library for his Network. I suggester years ago that TNA and ROH should have merged. They both had their strongest rosters then; and would have been serious competition for WWE.

  7. i don’t think tna is going under because they just signed rex and rhodes. if they were going under they wouldn’t be signing new talent. i don’t know what the actual state of tna is but by the looks of things they already got a buyer if they are signning new talent. i don’t think that buyer is the wwe, because if it were rhodes would have prob known about it since he signed a deal soo close to the buyout and prob wouldn’t have signed.

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