TNA Impact Wrestling Results 8/29/13

TNA Impact Wrestling Results
Cleveland, OH (Wolstein Center)
August 29, 2013
Commentators: Taz & Mike Tenay
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Live from the Cleveland Impact Wrestling heads down the homestretch toward the finals of the BFG Series. Impact opens up with highlights from last week and then Bully Ray leads Tito Ortiz and the Aces and Eights down to the ring.

Bully says that he’s in a bad mood tonight because someone is missing in the ring right now. His brother Devon is no longer with them and he’s a little concerned and upset. Bully says he wants some answers right now and he would like to hear from his brothers. Bully asks Garett Bischoff what happened last week and he says he doesn’t know. Garett says he’s just as mad about this as Bully is and then Knux says he was taking care of both Magnus and Rampage on the floor when it went down.

Wes says he doesn’t know what happened and then Bully looks over at Mr. Anderson and asks him what happened. Anderson says he doesn’t know either but Devon knew what the consequences were just like the rest of them, and “it is what it is.” Bully agrees with Anderson and says what it is, is a disappointment. Bully says his brother has always been a disappointment and a loser. He says Devon has always been his sidekick from the beginning. He says Devon did what he told him to do and he never needed Devon nor will he ever need him in the future. Bully points at Tito and says that’s the only man he needs. Anderson doesn’t look too thrilled at that. Bully says “out with Devon, in with Tito.” Bully says he’s giving Tito is own cut and Anderson freaks out.

Anderson asks Bully if he’s out of his mind and asks when they started just patching people in whenever he feels like it. Bully tells him to back down and reminds him that he’s the president. Bully says he’ll do what he wants, when he wants and Anderson better remember that. He tells Anderson to get back in line before he has to PUT him back in line. Bully calls Brooke Tessmacher out to the ring and she obliges as Bully calls her “the hot Brooke.”

Tessmacher is carrying a A&8 cut to the ring with her. Bully offers the cut to Tito but Anderson gets in Bully’s face and tells him they have to vote. Bully backs Anderson down and tells him to “stay.” Bully then puts the cut on Tito’s back and then Bully strips the “Devon” patch off the cut and throws it down. Bully tells any of the members of A&8 if that they have a problem with what just happened then they can leave. He says he’s the president and he voted on it so it’s done. Bully says now he’s going to sit back and relax and watch the rest of the BFG Series because he doesn’t have to do anything until BFG.

Bully says he heard that his father-in-law is here tonight and he can’t wait to see Hulk tonight because what he wants to do is introduce him to the only Brooke that has ever mattered in his life.

Tenay and Taz hype up the card for tonight featuring several BFG Series bouts.

Backstage Jeff Hardy says last year he had to beat Samoa Joe to get to the Final Four, and to get there he got desperate and had to use a submission. He said he worked and now he has to face Kazarian to try and get to the final four. He reminds us that Kaz won the Ladder Match that Hardy was also involved in at Hardcore Justice and he says tonight he’s out for points and revenge.


BFG Series Match
“The Charismatic Enigma” (24) vs. Kazarian (22)

Both Kaz and Hardy really need a submission (10 points) here to get a true shot of making the Final Four. A pin would put both right there in the Final Four but definitely want guarantee anything. Kaz quickly rolls Hardy up as the bell rings but gets just a one count. Hardy then catches Kaz with a small package for a one count. Kaz comes back with a rollup of his own but just a two count on that one. Hardy answers with a leg sweep for a nearfall. Kaz and Hardy stare each other down and square off again. As Hardy goes in for a lockup Kaz pops him with a forearm instead. Kaz whips Hardy into the corner but Hardy floats up into a Spinning Headscissors Takeover sending Kaz out to the floor! Hardy then hits a Slingshot Dropkick through the ropes followed by a Flying Clothesline off the apron to the outside! Hardy tosses Kaz back in the ring and then goes for the Twist, but Kaz blocks it and shoves Hardy into the corner again. Hardy goes to the well for a second attempting to the Floatover Headscissors, but this time Kaz blocks it and crotches Hardy on the ropes. Kaz then hits a Leaping Enziguri and mocks Hardy’s weirdo dance. Kaz hits Hardy repeatedly with right hands and then whips Hardy into the ropes. Kaz hits a Heel Kick and gets another nearfall. Kaz puts Hardy in a modified Surfboard but Hardy fights the hold and breaks it. Hardy elbows Kaz repeatedly but then Kaz grabs him by the hair and slams him to the mat. Kaz puts the boots to Hardy and then hits a Leg Drop for another nearfall. Kaz goes for a Vertical Suplex but Hardy blocks it and reverses it into a Sitout Front Suplex! Hardy hits a series of right hands and kicks and then hits the ropes and catches Kaz with a Flying Forearm! Hardy hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Leg Drop to the balls. Hardy then puts Kaz in a Figure Four in the center of the ring! Kaz tries to fight the hold and is able to get to the ropes to break the hold. Hardy goes for the Twist again but Kaz catches Hardy in a backslide out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out and then runs right into a Bicycle Kick! 1…2…NO Hardy kicks out again! Kaz is selling the leg as he gets to his feet as if it’s hurting. Kaz attempts to whip Hardy into the corner but Hardy reverses it and charges at Kaz. Kaz gets his boot up and then climbs up top. Kaz dives off the top but Hardy catches him with a boot in midair! Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and then climbs up top! Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb! 1…2…3!

Winner: Hardy via pinfall (Swanton Bomb)

Jeff Hardy has officially moved into the Final Four, for the time being.

Anderson and the rest of A&8 bitch about what Bully just did with Tito. Anderson says if this keeps up then they’re going to have to make a vote that Bully won’t be happy about. He says no one man is bigger than the club.


Back from commercials AJ Styles’ pin on Devon last week is shown.

Knockouts #1 Contenders 2/3 Falls Match
Gail Kim vs. ODB

ODB and Gail lockup with Gail tripping ODB up, Gail rolls forward into a bridging pin for a nearfall. Gail then goes for a rollup but ODB blocks it and hits a shoulder block for a nearfall of her own. ODB whips Gail into a corner and charges at her, but Gail escapes through the ropes. Gail then hits a shoulder block through the ropes on ODB followed by a Slingshot Sunset Flip. ODB blocks it and then lifts Gail up in the air by her throat. ODB tosses Gail into the turnbuckles and then hits a Delayed Vertical Suplex for another nearfall. ODB attempts to whip Gail into the corner but Gail reverses it and charges at ODB. ODB floats up into a headscissors on Gail but Gail blocks it the takeover attempt and slams ODB knee first into the mat. Gail smiles realizing the knee injury and quickly puts the boots to ODB’s knee. Gail looks for some type of submission but ODB uses her free leg to kick Gail into the turnbuckles! ODB rolsl Gail up, 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! Gail then grabs ODB’s leg and trips her and slams Gail’s knee into the mat. Gail elbow drops the knee and then drags her leg out to the apron and slams it into the side of the ring. Gail climbs back in the ring and kicks the leg of ODB as she tried to comeback. Gail puts ODB in a modified Cloverleaf and sits back on the hold forcing ODB to tap! Gail wins fall one!


Back from the break Gail continues to work on ODB’s leg. She hangs it up in the ropes and cannonballs down across it. Gail taunts the crowd and then charges at ODB in the corner. ODB gets her foot up but Gail catches it and slams it down across her own shoulder. Gail then goes to put that same modified Cloverleaf on ODB but ODB catches her with an inside cradle out of nowhere! 1…2…3! ODB evens things up winning fall two!

Gail gets pissed and starts kicking the hell out of ODB’s leg and then she puts ODB in a kneebar. Gail slams ODB’s leg into the mat and then drags her legs over to the corner. Gail wraps ODB’s legs around the ring post in the Hanging Figure Four! Gail finally releases the hold as the referee yells at her and climbs back in the ring. A big “ODB” chant starts as Gail stalks ODB in the ring. Gail slaps her repeatedly and taunts her. Gail grabs ODB’s leg but ODB grabs her top and pulls Gail into the turnbuckle headfirst. ODB fights back from her knees with forearms to Gail. ODB finally gets back to her feet and levels Gail with a Shortarm Clothesline! 1…2…NO Gail kicks out! ODB goes for the BAM but her knee gives out and Gail chop blocks the knee and locks her in an over the shoulder Half Crab. ODB is able to fight to the ropes to break the hold. Gail goes for the Eat Defeat but ODB blocks it into the BAM attempt again. Gail reverses into a rollup but ODB rolls through and puts Gail in a Texas Cloverleaf! Gail almost gets to the ropes but ODB pulls her back to the center of the ring and Gail taps!

Winner & NEW Knockouts #1 Contender: ODB 2 falls to 1


Backstage Velvet Sky says she’s rooting for ODB in her title shot, and she talks about being so excited for the Knockouts PPV debuting next Friday. Velvet says she had some personal issues at home she had to take care of and creepy camera guy if those issues were “like heartbreak Chris Sabin type of issues.” Velvet says she and Sabin have been together for quite awhile, but they keep business and personal separate.

Backstage Daniels and Roode talk about Hogan trying to screw them over tonight putting them in their matches. Roode says he has an opportunity to solidify his attempt to be in the Final Four with a win over “everyone’s little hero” AJ Styles. Roode says he’ll take care of AJ but Daniels has to take care of Aries. Daniels gets pissed about Aries turning on them last week and he says, “he’s no gentleman.”

Footage of Aries screwing Daniels over last week is shown.

Backstage Aries says everyone knows that he is a man that stands alone and he believes that if you want something done right you do it yourself. Aries reminds us he turned MEM down too and he says he’s relying on himself to get to the final four. Aries says he hopes AJ’s decision to help MEM out benefits him and he hopes AJ gets to the finals because when he and AJ are in the ring together it’s magic. Daniels walks up and gets in Aries’ face.

Daniels says he made his biggest mistake by turning down the “Gentlemen” and he’s going to show Aries just how much better he is than Aries when he knocks Aries “down flatter than Miley Cyrus’ ass” (BIG POP FROM ME!).


Footage of the 10-Man Tag last week is shown including Mike Tenay’s “Stylesgasm” when AJ showed up as the old AJ.

The Main Event Mafia make their way down to the ring. Magnus isn’t with MEM. Rampage Jackson is still wearing his redneck looking camo suit. Rampage says he isn’t waiting for their fight in BELLATOR to get his revenge on Tito. He says every chance he gets he’s stomping a mudhole in Tito’s ass.

Samoa Joe says he can tell that the Mafia runs Cleveland. He says a week ago things weren’t going their way and outnumbered, and when Sting went to the boys no one stepped up. He says that is until one man stepped up to the plate and did the right thing, AJ Styles.

Sting says AJ Styles put his career on the line to go into battle with MEM, and anyone willing to do that is worthy of being a part of the family. Sting says the door is open for him to have a spot in the family. Sting says no matter what they want to thank him publicly. Sting leads the fans in an “AJ” chant.

AJ’s loner music hits and he walks down the ramp and then he pulls the hoodie off and “Get Ready to Fly” hits. AJ has cut his hair and shaved the scruffy beard off as well. AJ says he appreciates what MEM is saying as another “AJ” chant breaks out. He says he needs to do this thing himself and MEM leaves AJ alone in the ring.

AJ says he knows the fans have questions for him and he has the answers. AJ says he knows after Thursday the biggest question on everyone’s mind was is he the newest MEM member. AJ says he respects what MEM is doing and he hopes they kick A&8’s butt. He says he’s wore the suit and tie before (Fortune) and it’s just not him. AJ says over the past year he’s developed some trust issues like when two of his best friends stabbed in the back, or like when guys in the production truck airing his dirty laundry without even checking with him to see if it was even true. AJ says maybe it was just everyone telling him that this is just the way the business is and the only person he can trust is himself. AJ says if he hasn’t made himself clear, he is with no one.

AJ says everyone has been asking him why he’s changed and everyone’s perception of him may have changed but that’s because his perception of the business has changed. AJ says that you can make no mistake about it, he is the best in the world and he is “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles! AJ says he loves what he does in the ring he has to understand that this is just a job. AJ says everyone might know where he’s coming from as a big “yes” chant breaks out. AJ says it sounds like the fans know what it’s like having a job that just plain sucks. AJ says no matter what job it is most people have had that moment when “upper management” shafts the hardest working man in the building. AJ says he’s realized over the last year he deserves better and then looks over at Mike Tenay and says “hey, Mike I deserve better!” AJ looks into the camera and says, “hey Dixie, I deserve better!”

AJ says he has been Dixie Carter’s “go to guy” for the better part of 11 years for her to simply bring in “the next big star” just to watch that person fail. AJ says it might have been the “new direction” she tried to go into that went nowhere and there he was to pick up the pieces again and put the company right back on his shoulders. AJ says there has been so many times over the past year that he prayed to God that Dixie would just fire him so he didn’t have to quit, but he stayed and did his job the whole time because like most of the people in the crowd he has a family and he has to take care of them. AJ says he didn’t quit and he started coming to the ring and tapping people out.

AJ says something happened in his head and something clicked. AJ says he LIKES being TNA’s “go to guy” and the guy that can steal the show and deliver the goods. AJ says he likes being the guy that can send the fans home happy because they got their money’s worth. He says he likes being the “go to guy” but the question is can he still be that guy. “You better believe it” AJ says and he says “you’re damn right” he can put the company on his back again. AJ says now the question is if he can win the BFG Series and become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! Roode’s music interrupts AJ and he comes down to the ring for the next BFG Series match up!


BFG Series Match
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (22) vs. “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode

Any type of win here likely sures up a spot for Roode while AJ needs a submission win to get any shot at being in the Final Four. AJ and Roode lockup and Roode gets AJ in a hammerlock. AJ counters into a wristlock and then he hooks Roode’s leg and rolls him into the Calf Killa but Roode quickly grabs the ropes. Roode rolls out to the floor to get away from AJ. Back in the ring Roode kicks AJ as they go for another lockup. Roode hits AJ with an elbow and then slams him into the turnbuckles. Roode lights AJ up with chops and then attempts to whip AJ into the ropes, but AJ reverses it and then leapfrogs Roode. AJ looks for the Phenomenal Dropkick but Roode saw it coming and holds onto the ropes. AJ charges at Roode but runs right into an elbow. Roode then charges at AJ but eats a nasty chop! AJ whips Roode into the ropes and connects with the Phenomenal Dropkick! Roode rolls out to the floor and then he springboards himself over the top to the ramp and then he Moonsaults off the ramp onto Roode on the floor! AJ tosses Roode back into the ring and then hits a Backbreaker and locks Roode in a Camel Clutch! AJ lets the hold go and then puts Roode in a chinlock, but Roode gets to his feet and backs AJ into the corner. Roode then charges at AJ but AJ gets his boot up and climbs to the top. AJ attempts a Tornado DDT but Roode blocks it and hits the Double-R Spinebuster! Roode puts the boots to AJ and then hits a Knee Drop for a nearfall. Roode puts his knee in the back of AJ and then hits a Vertical Suplex. 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! Roode puts his knee into the back of AJ repeatedly and then puts him in a modified surfboard. AJ fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold and elbows Roode repeatedly. AJ and Roode exchange strikes and then Roode goes for a big right hand. AJ kicks his hand away and connects with a vicious series of strikes ending with the Spinning Back Fist and a Lariat! Roode retreats to the corner and AJ hits a Flying Forearm and then he climbs up top. Roode sees him and charge at AJ but AJ leaps over him and lands on his feet. AJ then hits a Spinebuster of his own and hits a Lionsault. AJ actually landed pretty hard on his shoulder because for some reason he hesitated just a hair on the moonsault. I don’t know if he thought maybe Roode was too far at the last minute. He did connect with but he came close to hitting his head. AJ realizes he needs more points so he goes for a submission, but Roode kicks him away and then charges at him with a clothesline. AJ ducks it and hits the Pele out of nowhere! AJ calls for the Styles Clash but Roode blocks it and backdrops AJ over the top rope! AJ lands on his feet on the ramp and then hits Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes! AJ goes for the Springboard Flying Forearm but Roode catches him in midair with the Crossface! That was a beautiful sequence. AJ fights the hold and gets his feet on the bottom rope to break it. Roode pulls AJ back to the center of the ring and locks in the Crossface again! AJ rolls Roode over into a pin, 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! AJ then gets to his feet and rolls Roode into the Calf Killa as he charged at him! Roode gets to the ropes to break the hold as it seemed like he was about to tap. AJ pulls Roode back to the center and looks like he’s going to go for the Figure Four, but Roode kicks him into the turnbuckles. Roode then goes for the Payoff but AJ counters into a cradle! 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ via pinfall (rollup)

After the match AJ looks disappointed as he realizes the pin isn’t going to get him into the Final Four. Tenay points out that it was likely instinct to go for the pin there. With that pin AJ moves up to fifth place with 29 points but Daniels remains in fourth place with 30. Hardy, Roode, and Magnus round out the Final Four. So now it comes down to Daniels and Aries.


In the back JB is outside Hogan’s office and he has received word that after the next match Hogan will have a lot to say in the ring.

Main Event
BFG Series Match
“A-Double” Austin Aries (28) vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (30)

Any win or even a draw keeps Daniels in the Final Four while Aries needs at least a pin. Daniels is wearing some weird goggles, like welding goggles or something. Daniels and Aries lockup and Daniels forces Aries into the corner. Daniels hits a series of shoulder blocks and then puts Aries in a headlock. Aries shoves Daniels into the ropes but eats a shoulder block as Daniels bounces back. Daniels hits the ropes again and Aries drops down in front of him. Daniels cartwheels over Aries and when Aries gets back to his feet Daniels meets him with a scoop slam. Daniels gets a one count and then rubs his forearm on Aries’ face before tossing him into the corner. Daniels whips Aries into the opposite corner and charge at him, but Aries floats up and over Daniels. Aries then rakes the back of Daniels and then rakes his chest too. Aries trips Daniels and then goes for the Last Chancery but Daniels crawls away. Aries mocks Daniels by laying across the top turnbuckle. Daniels runs after him but Aries drops down to the apron and his a shoulder block through the ropes. Aries then slingshots back into the ring and leapfrogs Daniels before connecting with an armdrag. Aries locks Daniels in an armbar but Daniels uses his legs to break the hold by putting Aries in a headscissors. Aries does a headstand to escape the hold and hits a Basement Dropkick for a nearfall. Aries sets up for something but Daniels rolls out to the floor. Aries goes for a Baseball Slide but Daniels moves out of the way and punches Aries. Daniel slams Aries into the apron and then goes for the Split Legged Moonsault off the top but Aries slides into the ring. Daniels lands on his feet and Aries flies through the ropes with the Heat Seeking Missile, but Daniels catches Aries in midair with a Leaping Enziguri as Aries went through the ropes! Back in the ring Daniels covers Aries for a nearfall.


Back from the break Daniels hits a Split Legged Moonsault on Aries for another nearfall. Daniels hits a Reverse Bulldog for yet another nearfall. Daniels puts Aries in a chinlock but Aries fights back up to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows. Aries hits the ropes but Daniels gets Aries in an Abdominal Stretch. Daniels goes old school reaching out to the top rope for leverage but Aries reverses the hold and pulls the same heel move. Daniels goes for a Uranage Suplex but Aries counters with an armdrag and then they both hit the ropes and clothesline each other. Both men get to their feet and Daniels hits a series of jabs on Aries. Aries fights back with a DISGUSTING chop and then a series of forearms and body shots! Aries with another chop and then he whips Daniels into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Back Suplex Slam! Aries pulls out the Pendulum Elbow! 1…2…NO Daniels kicks out! Aries goes for the Brainbuster but Daniels runs him into the corner. Daniels then hits the ropes and charges at Aries but Aries hip tosses him over the top to the floor! Aries hits the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Daniels on the floor! Aries rolls Daniels back in the ring and then climbs up top but Daniels grabs the referee to stop Aries from diving. Daniels shoves the referee away and charges at Aries but Aries dives over him and lands on his feet. Aries then charges at Daniels but runs right into a Spinning Sitout Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Daniels puts Aries on the top rope and hits an uppercut followed by an attempt at the Fall from Grace, but Aries blocks it and boxes the ears of Daniels. Aries dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick! Aries hits the IED on Daniels in the corner followed by an attempt at the Brainbsuter, but Daniels reverses it into the Last Rites! 1…2…NO Aries kicks out! Daniels can’t believe that Aries kicked out and starts showing frustration. Aries and Daniels exchange forearms in the center of the ring but then as Aries attempts the Roaring Elbow Daniels hits a Big Boot. Daniels then hits an uppercut and hits the ropes but Aries is right behind him with a dropkick! Aries hits the Brainbuster! 1…2…3!

Winner: Aries via pinfall (Brainbuster)

Austin Aries moves into the Final Four while also knocking Daniels out of it! Magnus, Aries, Roode, and Hardy are now the official Final Four.

In the back Bobby Roode talks to Tito Ortiz and Miss Tessmacher. He says sometimes he feels about making a mockery of Hogan and his family but then he snaps back into it and laughs. Ray says he needs Tito to watch Anderson and if he steps out of line he should knock him back into line.


Hulk Hogan makes his way down to the ring and gets a loud reaction. Hogan says it sounds like everyone missed him but he’s been taking care of business the last couple of weeks. Hogan says the wrestlers have been tearing it up in the ring but it’s great to be back tonight. Hogan name drops Michael Jordan (talking about the shoes he’s wearing) so I guess maybe Hulk thinks Jordan is from Cleveland. He’s not, in fact Michael Jordan was long known for breaking Cleveland’s heart year after year.

Hogan says his first order of business is the BFG Series and then the standings appear on the big screen. Hogan says he’s changed the game now for September 12th. He met with Spike TV executives and BFG Series deserves one more match before No Surrender so next week is a Gauntlet Battle Royal worth 20 points! Every single member of the BFG Series will be in it and with a win in that match will have a shot at getting into the Final Four. Well, except for Jay Bradley because even if he won he hilariously wouldn’t even crack the top 8.

Before Hogan can say anything else Bully Ray walks out and interrupts him along with Brooke Tessmacher. Bully mockingly calls Hogan “dad” and says he’s missed Hulk over the last couple of weeks. Ray holds the belt in his face and says a lot has changed since he’s been gone. Bully says what he’s been waiting to do is introduce him to Brooke, but Hogan cuts him off and he can shut it down right there. Hogan says he’s watched Ray’s charade and since he’s been gone he’s been taking care of personal business along with wrestling business. Hogan says after a little bit of time and a whole lot of money he has a set of divorce papers from Brooke Hogan for him and throws it at Bully. Hulk says Brooke Hogan is moving on without him whether he likes it or not.

Bully steps on the papers and kicks them away. He laughs and asks if he really thinks that Bully cares about those papers or his daughter. Bully says he never cared about Hogan’s daughter and he did something else no other man has done to his daughter, he used her. Bully says he used her to get the World Title and he used Hulk and Sting and all the idiot fans to get exactly what he wants. Bully says he also has Tito Ortiz and A&8 and now he’s on cruise control because he doesn’t have to do anything until BFG.

Hogan asks Bully if HE knows who Hogan is and then reminds him that he’s the TNA GM. Hogan says he’s going to use Bully and his family the same way Bully used his family. Hogan says in two weeks Bully is going to defend the World Title against one of the A&8 members! Bully screams at Hogan that he can’t do that and he says he isn’t fighting any of his brothers. Hogan says he runs the show and in two weeks he will defend the belt against a member of A&8. He says he will also defend the belt this week…AGAINST STING! He said THIS week but he meant next week as Tenay corrects him.

Sting hits the ring and goes after Bully Ray and hits a big clothesline. Bully rolls out of the ring and runs away!


“Final Thoughts” will be up tomorrow morning.

1) BFG Series: Jeff Hardy def. Kazarian via pinfall (7 points)
2) Knockouts #1 Contenders 2/3 Falls Match: ODB def. Gail Kim 2 falls to 1
3) BFG Series: AJ Styles def. Bobby Roode via pinfall (7 points)
4) BFG Series: Austin Aries def. Christopher Daniels via pinfall (7 points)

BFG Series Standings
1) Magnus (39 points)
2) Austin Aries (35 points)
3) Bobby Roode (34 points)
4) Jeff Hardy (31 points)
5) Christopher Daniels (30 points)
6) Austin Aires (28 points)
7) Samoa Joe (26 points)
8) Mr. Anderson (24 points)
9) AJ Styles (22 points)
Kazarian (22 points)
10) Joseph Park (17 points)
11) Hernandez (7 points)
12) Jay Bradley (0 points)

Scheduled for Next Week:
-BFG Series Last Chance Gauntlet Battle Royal: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. Magnus vs. Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Kazarian vs. Joseph Park vs. Jay Bradley
-TNA World Title: Bully Ray (c) vs. Sting

TNA One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown
– Gail Kim vs. Alissa Flash
– Lei’D Tapa vs. Ivelisse Velez
– Tara vs. Mia Yim
– Miss Tessmacher vs. Santana Garrett
– ODB vs. Trinity
– Jackie Moore vs. Taryn Terrell
– Hannah Blossom vs. Sojournor Bolt
– Velvet Sky vs. Jillian Hall
– Mickie James vs. Serena Deeb
– Gauntlet Battle Royal featuring winners of each match

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