Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Steel Cage Match
Manik vs. Tigre Uno

Both attempt dropkicks at the same time early on. Uno is able to catch Manik next with a dropkick. Manik with a snap head scissors from a head stand in the corner on Uno. Uno catches Manik with a big moonsault from the top rope for a two count. Manik dropkicks Uno into the side of the cage opening the door to the cage. The referee quickly closes it. Manik is sent into the ropes, hangs from them, Uno charges, Manik moves and Uno crashes into the side of the cage. Manik with a suplex into a back suplex on Uno. Manik applies a surfboard submission on Uno. Manik with some quick uppercuts on Uno. Manik with a backbreaker on Uno. Uno with a snap huricanrana off all three ropes. Manik catches Uno with a big boot. Uno fires back with a quick DDT. Manik with a big sitdown powerbomb on Uno for a two count. Uno with a high cradle facebuster on Manik. Uno with a twisting splash from the top turnbuckle and connects on Manik for the win.

Winner: Tigre Uno

A video package runs hyping James Storm vs. Gunner.

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