UK Parliament members expresses support for bringing WrestleMania to London

During the WWE Money in the Bank Premium Live Event on 7/1, John Cena arrived to address the crowd at the O2 Arena in London, England.

As part of his promo, Cena brought up the possibility of WrestleMania coming to London, calling for the crowd to make some noise to show their interest…and they obliged in kind.

The story coming out of MITB has since been picked up by the BBC, with Cena’s call for such an event being backed by members of Parliament who have an interest in bringing the biggest sports entertainment event of the year to London.

Alex Davies-Jones, Labour MP for Pontypridd in Wales and co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wrestling, said there has already been a discussion on the idea:

“The APPG have already been talking about how we can help to make that happen in whatever way we can in terms of facilitating some conversations. Whatever we can do to make the UK attractive to host wrestling on the world stage we are more than happy to help facilitate.”

Davies-Jones would go on to say that the group looks to reach out to WWE, in the hopes of promoting the UK as “a premier destination for world-class wrestling.”

Source: Fightful