Former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle appeared drunk at JFK airport (VIDEO)

TMZ Sports has released a new video from the JFK Airport incident back on September 9, with now former WWE Superstar Matt Riddle.

Riddle, who was part of the many releases back on September 21, in the video appears to be intoxicated. He is shown grabbing a microphone and shouting at fellow passengers. He announced on social media on September 22 that he was no longer with WWE.

The incident in this new video happened the same day Riddle accused a Port Authority police officer at the airport of sexual assault, which then led to an investigation.

In the video from TMZ Sports, which can be seen below, Riddle is holding a drink and then is heard asking fellow passengers if they are capable of flying the plane. It was said to be all in a playful manner and that airport and airline staff were quick to put an end to it.

TMZ Sports notes that a witness told them their flight to Orlando was postponed multiple times and that Riddle and his friend waited it out by enjoying drinks at a nearby restaurant.

The witness also told TMZ Sports that Riddle was becoming “incredibly obnoxious” throughout the delay, in addition to being “extremely loud and rude.”

The report further notes that once it was almost time to board, the witness noticed Riddle walking around, yelling and asking when the plane would take off, before going up to the gate’s front desk and grabbing the microphone.

Furthermore, TMZ Sports said the witness said that Riddle became upset, asking “So are you telling me I’m not going home today?” The passengers eventually boarded the plane, except Riddle, who was denied entry due to his state of appearing to be intoxicated.

It was reported the same day when Riddle announced he was no longer with WWE, that according to one higher-up within WWE, he was let go because he “burned through too many chances” with the company.