AAA star Abismo Negro found dead

I will obviously be covering this in my Lucha column this week but I figured this most definitely should be reporting on before Thursday night.

AAA superstar, Abismo Negro, was found dead Sunday morning in a river in the town of El Rosario, Mexico. They are saying that it is being treated as a drowning at this point. Abismo was apparently on his way to Mexico City for a show when he stopped off in the town for some reason. The following is the actual translation from Mexican website

“The professional wrestler, Abismo Negro, died this morning in the town of El Rosario allegedly drowned in the river. His body was found this afternoon. Apparently the fighter was heading to Mexico City when he decided to stop in this town, the authorities are already investigating the incident.”

Abismo Negro had recently returned to AAA late last year after being gone from the company for quite some time and was continuing his feud with rival Black Abyss. He missed a show a few days ago but nothing was said about him being missing at that time. Abismo Negro is one of the few wrestlers in AAA that were actually on the first AAA show still with the company. Abismo started his career as Winners before being given the gimmick of Abismo Negro by legendary AAA promoter, Antonio Pena. Negro went on to become one of AAA’s most successful and biggest stars over the years. Abismo also traveled to the United States in the early 2000’s to compete as a part of the America’s and Worlds X-Cup’s in TNA Wrestling. He was a part of 3 winning teams in the Worlds X-Cup. Abismo Negro held numerous titles in his career including the Mexican National Middleweight and Mexican National Tag Team Titles (with Electroshock) along with winning the 2000 Rey de Reyes. He was a great worker his entire career and he will be missed. Abismo Negro was 37 years old.

R.I.P. Abismo Negro