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All questions were answered by WrestleView’s Chief Historian, Ryan Droste

***First of all, I want to point out something that was covered in last week’s edition. I received several emails from readers who noted that the old ?DQ for throwing an opponent over the top rope? rule is currently back to being used by the NWA. Thanks to all who pointed this out***

Hi Ryan
I just wondered has Triple H ever fought Jeff Jarrett on either Raw, Smackdown or a PPV? If so, when and who won?
Many thanks…
Chris Hunt

They actually teamed together as a tag team quite often on house shows in early 1996. As far as wrestling each other on television:

-Sep. 20, 1998 Sunday Night Heat: Jarrett, Owen Hart and D-Lo Brown defeated Triple H, X-Pac and Billy Gunn.
-At the ?Capital Carnage? event Dec. 6, 1998 that was broadcast live on Sky Sports in Europe and released on home video, Triple H pinned Jarrett.
-Feb. 7, 1999 Sunday Night Heat: Owen Hart and Jarrett defeated Triple H/XPac and D-Lo Brown/Mark Henry.
-Mar. 1, 1999 RAW: Triple H and X-Pac wrestled Owen and Jarrett to a Double DQ.

The duo of Triple H and X-Pac also wrestled Jarrett/Owen several times at house shows in early 1999

What went wrong with Brock and Vince when they were negotiating a new contract after his NFL failure. We even heard a rumour that a deal was close.
-Osaid Ahmad

If you’ll recall, Brock first started appearing for New Japan Pro Wrestling after his football venture failed. Brock had previously signed a no-compete clause in order to be granted a release from the WWE after WrestleMania XX to pursue a football career. When the football career failed and he started appearing and wrestling in Japan, WWE started filing lawsuits on Lesnar for breaching their no-compete agreement. Brock filed lawsuits trying to get out of the no-compete agreement. They had some legal tussles until the summer of 2005, when Brock started negotiating with WWE about returning. This didn’t last long, and Brock withdrew. The two sides could not agree on contractual terms that were acceptable to both sides. The legal war then was back on until both sides eventually settled in the spring of 2006.

Where is Perry Saturn? -tyashinski1

This is actually a mystery to the entire wrestling world. Nobody seems to know where the guy has gone, or if he is even still alive. The last I heard personally was that he was living somewhere near Des Moines, Iowa.

Why did TNA have the NWA Titles and change the name.
Its very confusing.
-Jo Andes

The relationship with the NWA officially ended May 13, 2007. Originally, the relationship with the NWA was thought of as necessary to give the company credibilty. If you’ll recall, the company was originally called NWA-TNA. Eventually, TNA began to phase out the NWA name. Both sides agreed upon the break. TNA had not been doing things like notifying the NWA board of directors when titles were going to change hands. And TNA did not like having to pay fees to NWA promoters for using the name and having wrestlers wrestle in their territory.

I was reviewing the saturday nights main event dvd and they had billed two key points. One that hogan had a four year reign as world champion and that honky tonk man had the chance to be the first ever to regain the intercontinental championship so who had the longest reign as a world champion and who was the first person to be a two time intercontinental champion
-Ric from Battle Creek

The longest world title reign in company history goes to Bruno Sammartino, during the WWWF days. He held the title from May 1963 until January 1971. The first ever two time WWF Intercontinental Champion was Pedro Morales.

Who do you consider to be the greatest jobber of all time in the WWF/WWE? -Rocky Dominguez

To me it’s the Brooklyn Brawler, Steve Lombardi. Without question. The guy was a mainstay jobber in the company for over a decade.

Why did the WWF censor Ric Flair’s “Real World Championship” belt on Television?
-Jessy Orbison

When Flair left the WCW in 1991, the company never returned to him the $25,000 deposit he had placed on the title belt. In those days, dating back to the tradition in the NWA, the World Champion was required to put this deposit down upon winning the belt. It was returned to him when he lost the belt. Flair’s deposit had not been returned to him when he left the company, so he claimed ownership of the belt. He wore it on WWF television and WCW sued. The lawsuit caused the belt to be blurred on TV. After the blurring began, Flair often wore one of the WWF Tag Team title belts instead of the WCW belt, since you couldn’t tell through the blurring anyways. The lawsuit was eventually settled, and Flair’s $25,0000 deposit (plus interest) was returned to him by WCW.

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