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Ask Wrestleview Archives


The following section is an archive of all "Ask Wrestleview" questions from 2003-2009. This feature will be making a return to Wrestleview.com in 2013. Stay tuned for more details.

Ask Wrestleview 2009 Archives:

6/14: WWE Title/Steel Cage, Rey Mysterio, Sting/Hogan
5/27: The Mountie, Kurt Angle, Sting, Eric Bischoff
4/24: Title changes, WCW attendance, champions
4/16: Vader/HBK, Hogan in TNA, Big Daddy V
4/9: Rikishi, Teddy Hart, Lauren, WWE PPVs
4/1: Badd Blood PPV, Von Erich's, Knox, Benoit/WWE
3/25: WrestleMania 7, real names, Jerry Lawler
3/19: Undertaker/HBK, Scott Hall, Lawler/Honky Tonk Man
3/10: Jarrett/HHH, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar
3/3: Randy Savage, WCW and more
2/24: The return edition of "Ask WrestleView"

Ask Wrestleview 2005 Archives:

10/12: Hassan, Jannetty, Eddie/Rey, Gold Medal, & Murdoch
10/11: Hogan's title history, Union, Dark Match, Buyrates
9/20: Batista's age, Jay Leno, prestige for title belts, rules
9/13: Hart/Mania, Tatanka's streak, Oddities, Debra, Warrior
9/11: Mr. America, Hart/Hennig, Cheryl Roberts, Ken Patera
9/10: Kwang, D-Generation-X, Peggy Sue, HHH's WM record
9/04: Owen/Davey, Taker's streak, Lazertron, screwjobs
4/19: Sting/nWo, Road Dogg, Jason The Sensation, Edge
3/27: Bastion Booger, Trish, Bret, Austin, Giant Gonzalez
3/15: RVD, Bodyslam contests, Adrian Adonis, Jim Duggan
3/11: Faarooq, Hart/Vince, Undertaker, Kronik, fake Razor
3/10: Shaniqua, Buried Alive, Y2J/HHH match, WM12 footage
3/08: Luger, Beefcake, Hall, Hebner and list of Hell in a Cell
3/03: Sean Mooney, Rene Dupree, Jamal, Bret Hart, Benoit

Ask Wrestleview 2004 Archives:

4/02: Bret Hart and nWo, Todd Pettengill, HIAC, HBK
3/05: Sting, Repo Man, Goldberg/HHH, Tekno Team 2000
3/04: Viscera, Dangerous Alliance, WM appearances, HBK
3/03: Undertaker, Trish, Matt Morgan, Johnny Weaver & more
3/03: Piper, Mad Dog Vachon, David Schultz, Pillman and More
1/13: Glacier, Iron Man matches, Powers of Pain, Tori & More

Ask Wrestleview 2003 Archives:

12/17: Yeti, Hart/HBK, Hebner brothers, Kato, Grenier & more
10/13: Fake Sting, Attendance Records, RAW ratings, & More
10/8: Luger/Yoko, Goldberg/HHH, Sting, Youngblood, & More
10/6: Lawler/3 Knights, WarGames, Rumble Stipulation & More
9/30: Sensational Sherri, Bagwell, Shortest matches, & More
9/27: WM III attendance, Hart/HBK, Sting/4 Horsemen, & More
9/14: Waylon Mercy, Pillman, RVD/Lynn, Arn Anderson & More
9/08: Z-Man, Aldo Montoya, Over The Edge, The Patriot, & More
8/05: Bagwell, Sid, DiBiase, Haku, Hardy, HHH, Lesnar, & More
7/01: ECW Library, KOTR, Bret Hart, Blassie, Triple H, & More
6/13: Road Warriors, Tuesday in Texas, 4 Horsemen, + more
6/08: Sting, HBK, Undertaker, Droz, KroniK, Tatanka & More
5/29: Ric Flair, Kane, Tazz, Hawk, Max Moon, Baby Doll & More
5/27: Warlord, blading, Arn Anderson/Sid, Rey, & More
5/25: Sharpshooter, Goldberg, KOTR, HHH, WWWF, & More
5/21: Ultimo Dragon, Billy Jack Haynes, Freebirds, IC & More
5/18: Fit Finlay, Owen, Mero, Ludvig Borga, DiBiase & More
5/16: IC belt, Hennig/Lesnar, Clique, Ahmed Johnson & More
5/13: Quebecers, Duggan, Wrestling Moves, Hitman, & More
5/12: Hulk Hogan/Russo, DDT, Kayfabe, Pillman, *Updated*