Superstars Recap – 10/14/10

WWE Superstars
October 14th, 2010
Seattle, WS/Portland, OR
Report by: Jeff Springer of

Whether you are RAW or you are SD on Thursday nights we are all Superstars!

Kelly Kelly w/ Natalya def. Co. WWE Unified Divas Champion Layla w/ Michelle McCool via Rollup
In a battle of former Extreme Expose teammates Kelly Kelly took on Layla in the opener from the Smackdown brand. Layla opened the contest offering her ex partner a dance in an attempt to distract her. Layla was able to take control early on but Kelly was able to fight to make a comeback. Layla was able to cut off the comeback and regain control teasing a sharpshooter to mock Natalya who was in Kelly’s corner. In the end Michelle McCool attempted to distract the referee to help her fellow Laycool member, But Layla was the one who was distracted and Kelly capitalized with a roll up for the win.

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Curt Hawkins def. Trent Barreta via Heat Seeking Elbow
In the second mach from the Smackdown portion of the show as Curt Hawkins fresh off breaking up with Vance Archer taking on the Dudebusters Trent Barreta who was flying solo. Hawkins was able to gain control early on by yanking Barreta off the top rope and grounding him. Trent was able to make a comeback hitting a variety of aerial moves. In the end Barreta went to the well too many times and Hawkins was able to cut him off and get to the top rope himself and hit the Heat Seeking Elbow for the win.

Darren Young def. Primo w/ A.J Via Full Nelson Faceplant
Former Nexus member Darren Young makes another appearance on Superstars this time taking on Primo. Primo went on the attack early on hitting a dropkick for a a cover and a nearfall. Young was able to make a comeback landing some strikes and countering a backstabber into a Full Nelson Faceplant for the win.

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Main Event
Melina def. Alicia Fox w/ Maxine Via Pinfall

In the Main Event, The Divas from Raw took the main stage as Melina took on Alicia Fox with her NXT rookie Maxine in her corner. Alicia struck first focusing her attack on the left side of Melina. Melina fought to make a comeback but was cut off and landed an inverted facebuster for a nearfall. In the end Melina went for the axe kick but was countered into a pin for the win.

-End of Show-


See you next Thursday!

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