WWE Raw House Show Results – 7/6/09
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Craigy C sent this report in:

Just came back from the WWE RAW Live Adelaide, Australia show. Thought you might like the results. Great crowd around 8-9000 in attendance so about 90% full.

Tony Chimel comes out and announces John Cena will not be appearing which gets cheers from the cena haters and see the kids get upset.

Match 1
Goldust deafeated Chavo Guerrero
As Goldust made his entrance he was joined by Hornswoggle. Chavo played the typical heel trying to attack Hornswoggle at any chance, at one point Hornswoggle turned the tables and chased Chavo with a chair. Big Goldust chants, crowd really behind the bizarre one.
Ending sees Chavo chasing Hornswoggle but ends up running into a inverted suplex.
After the match Hornswoggle hits the tadpole splash.

Match 2
Sheamus defeated Santino
Sheamus got little to no reaction, he then cut a promo stating that unlike Italians the irish are not cowards and that he would make Santino hurt. Santino comes out to a huge reaction. Typical Santino comedy match, ends with Sheamus getting the win with the rockbottom/back breaker.

Match 3
Jamie Noble defeated William Regal
Regal gets major heat throughout the whole match and really plays to the crowd. Noble tries to rally up the crowd but doesn?t get much of a reaction. Noble gets the upset win with a reversal to a backslide.

Match 4
Cody Rhodes defeated Carlito
Rhodes out first with Dibiase to decent heat followed by the Colon’s who get a nice reaction. Relatively short match which see’s Primo trying to help Carlito but ends up distracting him and Cody was able to hit the cross Rhodes for the pin.

Match 4
Kofi Kingston defeated The Brian Kendrick & The Miz to retain the US Championship
Miz is out first to the biggest heat of the night and cuts a typical heel promo. Kendrick out to little reaction and then Kofi out to the biggest reaction of the night. Slow match typical triple threat with the heels teaming up and then turning on each other. Ending see’s Kofi hitting the Trouble in Paradise on Kendrick for the pinfall.


Match 5
The Big Show defeated MVP
Massive face reation for Show. Adelaide loves the big man. MVP out to a mixed reaction. Show plays it up with the fans to try and get some heat but the fans are lapping it up and ends up turning into more cheers. This ends up being a total squash match! MVP got in little to no offence. MVP landed awkwardly on his leg and was down for a while the ref then checked on him and Show quickly hits a chokeslam to end this one. After the match ref signals the X, 2 agents help MVP out to a nice reaction. Really scary though MVP did seem in a lot of pain.

Match 6
Mickie James defeated Mayrse in a Non Title Match
Massive pop for Mickie. Short match full of holds. Mickie wins after a tornado DDT.

Main Event
Triple H defeated Randy Orton via DQ (Orton Retains WWE Championship)
Randy Orton comes out to the biggest heat of the night, while HHH comes out to a deafening pop. H laps it up and spends a few minutes soaking in the reaction. Fantastic main event, back and forth battle that seemed to be much more entertaining than there last few singles bouts. Legacy interfere which cause’s the DQ. Beatdown begins until Carlito & Primo come out to make the save, DiBiase & Orton run out leaving Cody to a backstabber & a pedigree.

Fantastic show overall really got the crowd involved and the crowd was hot all night.

Biggest Pop
Triple H
Big Show
Kofi Kingston
Mickie James

Biggest Heat
Randy Orton
The Miz
William Regal

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