ROH on HDNet Recap
October 4, 2010
The Arena in Philadelphia, PA
Commentators: Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of

The following is an exclusive presentation of Ring of Honor Wrestling on HDNet!

The show began with a highlight package from the August 16, 2010 edition of ROH. It was when Shane Hagadorn verbally assaulted Davey Richards. Hagadorn said that with him, Davey was a champion. Without him, Hagadorn said that Richards could not beat Tyler Black. Hagadorn said to Richards without him, Richards would never be the best. Richards then punched Hagadorn out. Eddie Edwards ran in to talk to Richards. Richards said to Edwards that they were cool, but Hagadorn was history.

ROH Theme Time. ROH! ROH!

The show begins with “The Voice of ROH” Bobby Cruise announcing Eddie Edwards and Shane Hagadorn. Edwards grabbed the microphone and said that it was time for another Eddie Edwards 10-Minute Hunt. Edwards said that week after week no one proved anything to him. Edwards begged for a challenge tonight and wanted to see if anyone could survive ten minutes with him. The ROH on HDNet theme played and out came ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette!

Edwards asked Cornette if he wanted a shot at the title. Cornette just wanted to talk some sense into Edwards. Cornette talked about how Hagadorn was just inflating his confidence and it hurt the image of Edwards. Cornette also said that without Hagadorn, Edwards can still be a true champion. Hagadorn then cut off Cornette and told him that “the only reason why I let you finished was because I respect you”. Hagadorn then asked who the hell Cornette was coming down here in the ring. Hagadorn said that Edwards listens to him. THAT was when Edwards looked frustrated.

Edwards then grabbed the mic once again and told Hagadorn to stay out of this conversation. Edwards told Cornette that he was a true champion and if Cornette had anyone that wanted to challenge him for the title, then to bring it on. Edwards told Hagadorn to go back to the locker room and Edwards was going to do the heavy lifting. Hagadorn left with a mad look on his face and Cornette said that Edwards made the right choice. Cornette then introduced Edwards’ opponent…KENNY KING!

Before the match, ROH plugged their Fall Tour. Check out the dates, places, and times at

Also before the match, they showed a clip of Rhett Titus and Kenny King taking out Delirious from a couple weeks back. Before that (not shown), Delirious defeated Austin Aries in a superb Steel Cage match that anyone must see.

Match #1
For the ROH Television Championship
Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus)

The Code of Honor was followed, and in the end King shoved Edwards.

Notes on Edwards: He started the match off with a knucklelock, and moments later followed it up with a hammerlock. Edwards was able to do a headlock takedown and he held King down for a moment. Edwards then held the arm and kept King grounded. King avoided an attack (but messed up on the backflip), however Edwards responded with a running kick across the chest. Edwards also was able to connect consistently with punches and chops around the ring. In the middle of the match, Edwards was able to his a beautiful Superplex. Edwards also avoided more of King’s high-flying tactics with an Enzugiri while King was in the air. When Titus tried to provide advice to King, Edwards held nothing back and connected with the Suicide Dive through the middle ropes. Edwards was also able to do a good job when it came to high risk moves, as he hit the Missile Dropkick flush. I was also impressed with the way he did the Backpack Chinbreaker. His final move before the finish was a bodyslam and a slap.

Notes on King: He officially started the match with a waistlock after the initial tie-up. He executed the arm drags nicely. He attacked the corner pretty well with punches and knees. When they were wrestling on top of the ring frame, they exchanged punches until King delivered a Gory Buster on the ring frame with impact! King then instantly leaped up from the ROH barricade onto Edwards with a leg drop. When the action was back in the ring, King stomped the chest. The action was then in the corner and King rammed his should across Edwards’ stomach. Edwards did manage to get something in, but King raked his eyes to generate even more offense. After applying the abdominal stretch, King managed to hit a nice Leaping Ura-Nage. Later during the match, King failed to hit the Coronation. However, his quickness helped him connect with the Enzugiri. Near the end of the match was when King shined. King avoided Edwards’ Code Breaker and connected with a backbreaker and a Springing Blockbuster on Edwards.

Finish: At the top corner, Kenny King was about to finish off Eddie Edwards with the Royal Flush. However, while in the air Edwards reversed the finish into a hurricanranna. Edwards then rolled through to the Achilles’ Lock and King tapped out.

Winner and STILL the Ring of Honor Television Champion via Submission: Eddie Edwards

Grade: B-

After the match, Edwards posed with the championship while Titus and King talked as they walked back to the entrance ramp.

They showed highlights of the Double Chain Match from Glory by Honor IX. In the end, El Generico and Mike Tedesco’s favorite ROH wrestler Colt Cabana defeated Kevin Steen and Steve Corino when Cabana made Corino tap out to the Billy Goat’s Curse. After the match, Steen pulled Generico’s mask right off and set it up on a chair with the words “Mr. Wrestling” written on the chair in Corino’s blood.

Pick Your Poison Match: Tonight’s Main Event will be El Generico vs. Davey Richards (Steen’s choice).

Coming up next: Tyler Black, the former ROH World Champion who is now known as “Seth Rollins” in FCW.

Tyler Black’s interview segment with Jim Cornette was aired. The event happened weeks ago. Black teased Cornette and the crowd that he would take the ROH World Championship to Connecticut, however at Glory by Honor IX Roderick Strong defeated Tyler Black for the title.

Match #2
Singles Match (no ring introductions)
Tyler Black vs. Mike Sydal

There were plenty of “You Sold Out” chants to Tyler. Honestly, if the WWE came knocking at my door consider me “sold out” as well. The Code of Honor was followed.

Notes on Black: He began the match with an easy waistlock takedown. He then lifted him up in the air and then drilled Sydal with the shoulder tackle. Black then delivered a slam and then stomped on Sydal’s face. After a little offense from Sydal, Black cornered him into the Tree of Woe and connected with the dropkick to the face of Sydal (Note: Prazak said “Vintage” Tyler Black and for good reason, watch the show for yourself). Before the finish, Black made sure that he delivered punches and a picture-perfect dropkick.

Notes on Sydal: He began his offense with some dropkicks to the knees of Black. Sydal was a bit sloppy on the rollup. However, his kicks looked pretty good. Hopefully, his brother (WWE’s Evan Bourne) will give Black a better fight.

Finish: Mike Sydal went up top to attempt the Crossbody, but Tyler Black picked him up. Black then placed Sydal over his shoulders and delivered the F-5. Black then finished Sydal off with god’s Last Gift. The pin victory make Mike Hogewood SLAP THE PORPOISE!!!!!!

Winner via Pinfall: Tyler Black

Grade: C- (leaned toward a D+)

Backstage interview time! Kyle Durden was backstage with Kevin Steen and Steve Corino. Corino asked Durden if he saw many dumb ideas in professional wrestling. Durden replied “a lot”. Corino then said that ROH has very good ideas, particularly the “Pick Your Poison” concept.

Steen then told the audience that Generico’s opponent will be Davey Richards. Steen explained that the reason why was because of Generico’s mask. Steen then put on the mask and poked fun at Generico some more. He said (in a mocking voice) that Richards injured his knee and that Generico has nightmares of Davey Richards.

Corino then said no matter who Generico picks for Steen’s match, it will be a Steen victory. Durden sent it back to the guys at the booth, but not before Steen takes the mask off and harasses Durden with the mask.

And now….Bobby Cruise announces the MAIN EVENT!!!!

Match #3
Pick your Poison match (Steen chose El Generico’s opponent)
El Generico vs. Davey Richards

Both wrestlers received streamers as they entered the ring. The Code of Honor was followed for a third time in as many matches.

Notes on Generico: Generico started the offense with a chop and a hammerlock. After Richards applied an arsenal of holds, Generico got back into the match with a set of armdrags. Generico controlled the match with punches, then followed it with a backbreaker and a heel kick. After punches and chops were exchanged, Generico ended it with a headbutt. More chops were exchanged, and it ended after Generico hit a dropkick to the back of Richards (Richards was about to hit the Handspring Enzugiri). Richards then left the ring to catch a breather, but Generico kept on him with a Suicide Flip Dive. Generico then went up top and connected with a crossbody. Moments later, he hit the Blue Thunder Bomb.

The one thing that I really enjoyed when watching Generico was his way to escape most of Richards’ offense. He avoided the Superplex, but then Richards delivered the Superplex. But this is where I thought the intensity of El Generico showed…he NO SOLD the Superplex! NO SOLD IT! After Richards got a corner attack, Generico connected with the Ole Kick. I had no problem with the no selling when it showed his character in this story. Later, Generico hit a German Suplex to perfection. The match almost ended when Generico hit a Half-Nelson Superplex, but Richards (with great awareness) grabbed the bottom rope with his hand. He did his best to break away from any high risk attacks, but some of it was too late.

Notes on Richards: Richards officially started the match with a simple leg strike. Then Richards started to wear Generico down slightly with a series of holds. The one move that was impressive was when he did a Side Russian Leg Sweep and then rolled it into a hold. Moments later with Generico up top, Richards countered it with an Alarm Clock kick. Richards then kicked the legs of Generico and then applied a leg lock. Moments later, Generico was chopped down again with a series of leg strikes.

The next hold that Richards did was a bridging leg lock. After a bit of offense from Generico, Richards grounded him again with a chinlock while drilling his knee to the back of Generico. He also demonstrated swift basic strikes as well during the middle of the match. After a series of reversals, Richards ended the sequence with a slap, an Enzugiri, and a German Suplex. After a pin attempt, he set up Generico and chopped him once. This was when (after a few reversals) Richards hit the Superplex in which Generico no sold. To end Generico’s flurry, Richards hit a Brainbuster. Richards then blocked a power move by Generico and injured his opponent’s knee with the Dragon Screw Leg Whip.

Finish: As both men fought at the top of the ring, El Generico took Davey Richards down. However, Richards connected on Generico’s knee with a kick and then set up a powerbomb. Generico tried to reverse for a pin, but Richards rolled through into an Ankle Lock. When Generico refused to tap out Richards then changed the submission hold into a Cloverleaf. Generico looked around the ring, and when he realized the ropes were not within arms’ reach he tapped out.

Winner via Submission: Davey Richards

Grade: B

After the match, Richards wanted to help Generico up. They both shook hands in a sign of good sportsmanship. Richards then left the ring.

Next Week: Shane Hagadorn calls out Davey Richards.

-End of Show-

Quick Results
* ROH TV Champion Eddie Edwards def. Kenny King via Submission to retain the title.
* Tyler Black def. Mike Sydal via Pinfall.
* Davey Richards def. El Generico via Submission.

The Mike Hogewood SLAP THE POIPOISE move of the night (Sponsored by Starkist Tuna): When Tyler Black hit god’s Last Gift on Mike Sydal.

Thoughts on the non-wrestling segments (will be those that were not video highlights):

Cornette, Edwards, and the potential demise of the Wolves/Hagadorn alignment – In a storyline point of view, it worked pretty well. Cornette called out Hagadorn saying that Edwards is not facing true competition, and we know that Edwards is a guy that does not want the easy way out. Hagadorn is playing the role of upset manager alright, but his delivery needs to be better. Edwards cut a decent promo, and it led to a pretty good match on his part. Honestly, placing this at the beginning of the show was the best place to put it.

Durden w/Corino and Steen – This was a pretty good segment as well. Durden just let Corino and Steen have their moment. Corino was perfect when talking to the audience (as expected), but Steen has improved so much since last year in this character. Even though they have battled for now TEN months, this feud has more twists and they keep it fresh. I found out what the stipulation will be for the next Steen vs. Corino match and I will say this. The story will come to an end. I am glad it is going another couple of months. As for Steen’s pick, it was great because in case some may not know it was The American Wolves that injured Generico in the first place. It was called scouting, or since this is pro wrestling excellent booking.

Thoughts on the wrestling matches:

Edwards vs. King – It was about time Edwards defended the championship against a guy who is right at that level. The start of the match was pretty good as it provided some slow, solid action in the ring. When King was in control, he attacked the abdominal region and really put a lot of focus on that. His agility is God-given, and now from last year to this year it has molded very well. Edwards was pretty good in control as well. He balanced his wrestling style well. It showed in storyline that Edwards (like Richards) does not need Shane Hagadorn (who really just stands there in my opinion anyway) at ringside. Though Edwards won a very good match, King boosted his stock as well as he is on a quest for the ROH World Tag Team Titles with Rhett Titus (aka The All-Night Express).

Black vs. Sydal – It actually was a decent squash. The match showed that Black can slow his offense down and really focus on what he will have to do in the WWE. I don’t think Tyler Black (or now Seth Rollins) reads my ROH recaps, but I do wish him well in FCW. The WWE did acquire a young, talented professional wrestler.

Generico vs. Richards – This was the match of the night and it did not disappoint. I don’t get why the ROH fans boo sometimes, and this was the case. They were going back and forth, telling a story in the ring and I really enjoyed it. I guess my style is different.

Now with that out of the way, what I saw in the first ten minutes of the match were two wrestlers who used their wrestling styles to perfection. Richards was about wearing Generico down with holds, while Generico tried to do quick attacks to wear down Richards. In the end, sure there were spots. But the story of Generico really thrived (especially the no-selling of the superplex). If there was one problem, I just thought there were way too many reversals in this match. I think the last couple minutes there were more reversals than in the other matches combined. In the end, the match did flow well and again, both men left the ring stronger. I would definitely think that after this match, Generico may get the final victory while Richards will be a threat to Roderick Strong’s ROH World Championship

Overall Thoughts and Grade

I think this all centered around The American Wolves and how they can win on their own without Shane Hagadorn. Well, both Wolves won by submission against two proven ROH stars. If that was what they were planning on doing (keeping the Wolves strong), then mission accomplished.

This was definitely a show in which three matches (squash match included) told a story and the production of the show was pretty good. Even the commentary was spot-on, so give credit to Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak as well. Both were on their game.

The wrestling was good and the segments were good. I don’t want to say it was the best ROH on HDNet, but it really made my one hour go by so fast. When my hour goes fast, that makes the grade in my book. No time wasted as I enter the world of 30-something year olds.

Final Grade: B+

-Mr. V’s Pick Three of the Night-

Wrestler of the Night: Davey Richards

I was very impressed with the wrestling style Richards showed this week. Sure, some of it was rushed. However, the way he was in control and continued to wrestle until the bell rang was impressive. He even showed some character tonight. You should have seen his face when Generico no-sold the Superplex.

Disappointment of the Night: Shane Hagadorn

I think Hagadorn really improved, but look. Hagadorn is now focused solely on The Kings of Wrestling. And even though he does his best to help his associates, he is nowhere near the likes of Prince Nana and Truth Martini. His mic work needs to improve. I don’t know. It just seemed forced when he does his lines.

Surprise of the Night: The Ring of Honor Announce Team

All I can say is listen to the broadcast this week. Usually I don’t know many good things about Hogewood, but I think they have a good chemistry now. Dare I say that they are more entertaining the announce team on Monday Night Raw or even TNA Impact? Ok, maybe not that far (yet).


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