Undertaker vs. Rusev back on for Greatest Royal Rumble, Miz talks about becoming a father

Greatest Royal Rumble

Undertaker vs. Rusev back on for Greatest Royal Rumble

After announcing last week that Chris Jericho would be replacing Rusev in a casket match against The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, WWE announced on Monday evening that the original Rusev vs. Undertaker match is now back on.

WWE cited a storyline tweet by Lana regarding the original match going on as scheduled.

It was quite a week for Rusev after all of the changes were announced, including a clip being posted to Twitter showing WWE editing out “Rusev Day” chants during the opening segment of last week’s Smackdown Live in favor of “AJ Styles chants.

TMZ Sports also conducted an interview with Rusev to hype his scheduled casket match with Undertaker, only for WWE to pull Rusev from the match and announce Chris Jericho as his replacement hours later on the company’s official website.

Once again, those plans have now changed and the assumption is that Jericho will re-enter the 50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble match as previously advertised.

Jericho has yet to comment on the change as of Monday evening.

Rusev tweeted out the following:

Miz talks about becoming a father

Us Weekly is featuring an interview with WWE star The Miz where he talks about becoming a father to a baby daughter recently along with WWE star Maryse.

“I’m at her service no matter what. I’ve never had anyone have so much control over me. I’m a night owl so I usually stay up at night with her and my wife sleeps. Then whenever I sleep, my wife takes over. Literally, we’re just tagging in and out. I wanted to be the dad that was able to feed my daughter, hold my daughter, really be there for my daughter. I want to be the dad that’s here. I want to see her. Every day, her face changes, her body changes, everything about her is just changing every single day. It’s crazy.”

The article notes that Miz and Maryse are relocating to Austin, Texas as they continue to film the new “Miz and Mrs.” for the USA Network about their relationship.