Santino Marella

Former WWE star Santino Marella posted the following on Twitter about his daughter training to become a pro wrestler, with the goal of her making it to the WWE Performance Center by 2019.

Santino currently does a weekly Twitch broadcast for Impact Wrestling’s channel since leaving WWE in 2016.

HoHo Lun on life following WWE

The South China Morning Post has a new article up on former NXT developmental talent HoHo Lun about his life in his home of Hong Kong.

Lun departed in WWE in 2017 due to his mother being diagnosed with breast cancer, before eventually passing away in January.

“It would have been a tough decision if my mum was healthy, but my mum was ill, that gave me a big motivation to come back.”

HoHo Lun competed in the first Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016, but was very scarcely used on NXT TV following the tournament before his departure.