Report on WWE making a pitch to put the NXT show on the USA Network this coming fall

NXT to USA rumor

A rumor has been making the rounds in the wrestling media.

According to PWInsider and F4WOnline, WWE has made a pitch to the USA Network about moving NXT off the WWE Network and onto network television.

This show would run head-to-head with AEW’s television show on TNT in the same time slot. The premiere date for NXT could come before October 2, which is when the AEW show premieres. In the move, NXT would become a two hour broadcast with a live component, though it is not known if they will be live every week or every other week.

It was long rumored in the wrestling media that NXT could be a candidate for FS1 with WWE’s new deal with FOX, but USA Network is looking to be the true candidate.

While nothing has been confirmed by WWE, expect news of NXT’s future to be announced soon.