WWE’s next event at Saudi Arabia reportedly set, no name set for the show yet

WWE and Saudi Arabia

The date of WWE’s next live event at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reportedly been revealed.

According to a report by PWInsider, WWE is scheduling their next event in Saudi Arabia to be on Thursday, February 20. The location in Saudi Arabia and the name of the show have yet to be revealed.

This would be the fifth show to take place in the region since the deal began in 2017. Each show has so far been met with controversy. While the last show, WWE Crown Jewel, featured a long-awaited women’s match between Lacey Evans and Natalya (women were not allowed to wrestle by order of the government), events following the show saw the WWE roster delayed by massive travel delays. It eventually caused the SmackDown talent not to be able to make the show in Buffalo, New York the next day, leading to the NXT roster being flown up at the last minute.

The delays led to many conspiracy theories that the government was holding the talent as punishment, but WWE swiftly denied those rumors. WWE also came under fire in October 2018 for holding an event in Saudi Arabia weeks after it was revealed the government had Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi murdered.

We will continue to follow this story as more becomes available.