Corbin, Kentucky changes name to King Corbin for a day

We reported last Saturday that WWE, in an effort to promote this Sunday’s WWE Live Event at the Corbin Arena, is kicking off a grassroots campaign to have the southern city of Corbin in Kentucky renamed to King Corbin.

In a follow up to their original story, WKYT-TV reported on Monday that the City of Corbin renamed itself to “King Corbin” for a day, after a campaign by WWE.

The report also stated that the “tongue-in-cheek” proclamation was meant to honor King Corbin because he won of the King of the Ring tournament. 

After the official proclamation from Mayor Suzie Razmus, the town was renamed for the day.

WWE held a Live Event at the the Corbin Arena on Sunday, January 12.  

Corbin played up and gloated about the one-day name change on his Instagram.

You can check out King Corbin’s Instagram post below: