Triple H confirms Alexander Wolfe was injured at WWE Worlds Collide, Wolfe comments

Triple H confirmed in a Worlds Collide Q and A with Cathy Kelley on the WWE YouTube Channel that Alexander Wolfe of the Imperium suffered an injury early on in the main event match against The Undisputed ERA. 

The discussion regarding Wolfe’s injury begins at the 9:17 mark of the video, which can be viewed above. 

The following below is the description of what happened during the match taken from Doug Lackey’s full recap of the event.

Wolfe stomping and kicking away but Strong sends him into the UE corner. Tags in Fish for a Double Brainbuster! Wolfe on his knees, Strong and Fish with kicks behind and in front of his head! Cover… 1… 2… arm is under the ropes to break the cover. The ref is looking at Alexander Wolfe… and throws up the “x” with his arms. Fish’s kick clearly knocked out Wolfe and he is no condition to continue.

Wolfe posted to Twitter later in the evening that he is fine and he wished he could have finished the match.  He also thanked referee Drake Wuertz and the WWE Medical team.

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