Terry sent this in:

WWE’s official Facebook page is asking fans if they want Daniel Bryan back. You need to “Like” the Facebook page before you can “Like” the post itself.

“It’s been the hottest topic for the WWE Universe in recent memory, so let’s talk about it. Here’s your LIKE/DISLIKE of the Day: “WWE should re-sign NXT Season 1 Rookie Daniel Bryan. (Click LIKE to agree, or click COMMENT to tell us why you disagree.)”


Note from Adam Martin: We were also made aware last night during our taping of the Thursday edition of “WrestleView Radio” by VIP member Pedro that a petition is currently online through the petitiononline.com website trying to reinstate Bryan Danielson in WWE. The petition currently has 22,961 signatures as of Friday afternoon and is the #2 most active petition on the website. For more on the petition and if you wish to sign it, click here.