Andrew Yang sounds off on WWE

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang has taken to Twitter to criticize WWE for taking over the Twitch channels of their talent.

Yang also stated that talent reached out to him to inform him that WWE was forcing them to sign new contracts that include Twitch. According to Yang, WWE informed the talent that Twitch will become a work obligation. If they do not stream, they will forego earnings, be suspended, or face penalties.

Yang has previously criticized WWE for classifying their talent as “independent contractors,” promising to talk to the new Secretary of Labor (if the Democrats were to win in the fall) about WWE’s business practices.

Paige comments on WWE taking over Twitch accounts

WWE Superstar Paige issued a statement following the news breaking that WWE is taking over their talents’ Twitch channels.

Paige, who goes by her real name of Saraya, stated that Twitch is a place she “built with her wonderful fans.” Paige was instrumental in introducing other WWE talent, such as Zelina Vega, to the platform.