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Vince McMahon — Stealth Helicopter Drop in Afghanistan

WWE honcho Vince McMahon strapped on some body armor … grabbed some of his WWE Superstars … and dropped in on the troops in Afghanistan last week … and TMZ has the pics.

Vince — along with the Bella Twins and tag team champ Kofi Kingston — were escorted to a secret location to hang out with a bunch of brave men and women in uniform.

We’re told the wrestlers hung out for a few days — and everyone had a great time.

Vince wasn’t scared about the outing — since he’s been visiting U.S. troops on various overseas military bases for the past 9 years.

Fun fact — the photos are purposely framed so as not to reveal anything that might tip off where the American bases are located.

Who knew the WWE was entrusted with war secrets?