Ryan Gray sent this report in from last night’s Raw:

After Raw went off the air. Randy Orton came down for a six man tag. With Big Show and Chris Jericho. Jerishow got knocked right away. Left Orton with Cena and DX. Orton tried joining DX stealing Triple H’s hat and doing the DX posses. Super kick pedigree and a attitude adjuster. Orton ran out of the ring and into the back. Cena fooled around with DX doing all the DX catch phase and what not. DX pulled John Cena’s dad into the ring and then did all the DX stuff with him. HHH kept referring to Cena SR as the Fabulous One. His local indy name is Johnny Fabulous. HBK took the headband off his leg and put it on his head like Cena would and was mocking which was pretty good. Overall pretty decent show crowd was pretty into it. Few Yankees suck chants during the dead air time. Which is always a good thing haha.

Biggest pop
Dx- Cena
Kofi Kingston mark Henry and MVP

Most heat
Chavo and Jillian

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