WWE Main Event Results 6/19/13

WWE Main Event Results
June 19, 2013
Dayton, Ohio
Commentators: Josh Mathews, The Miz, and Cody Rhodes
Report by: Mr. V of Wrestleview.com

They show us a highlight package of WWE’s most recent Pay-Per-View, Payback. They featured AJ, The Shield, Curtis Axel, Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk, and John Cena. It was pretty much all the winners except for Sheamus, who won the pre-show.

We kick off right with The Shield.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) and Justin Gabriel

Mathews welcomed us alongside the Miz (who is mad that all his work paid off last Sunday for Curtis Axel) and Cody Rhodes (with his mustache).

The match starts with Gabriel and Ambrose. They lock up and Ambrose and Gabriel exchange wristlocks. Ambrose then took Gabriel down with a wrist lock and Gabriel with a low dropkick to Ambrose. However, it is not enough as Ambrose took him down and tagged Rollins. Rollins ducked out of a clothesline and both exchange punches. Gabriel punched Rollins on the ropes and then hit the crossbody. After a cover, Jey Uso is tagged in with punches. Jimmy is in and after the combination attacks. Jimmy almost hit another corner attack and Ambrose pulled Rollins aside. We go to our first break after the match.


We are back and Rollins just tagged in Reigns. Reigns worked the corner with stomps to Gabriel. Gabriel tries to fight off and he tagged in Jey Uso and the hot tag worked went well until Jey dropped from a Reigns attack. They lured Jey to the corner and Ambrose is tagged in. Ambrose stomped the chest and hits the corkscrew elbow to Jey. Ambrose then applied a chinlock after a neck snap. Rollins is then tagged in after the break. Rollins walked to the corner and Reigns tagged in. Reigns connected with a power slam and then worked the corner again, stomping Jey Uso around. Jey is trying desperately to gain momentum, but Reigns holds him down on the mat with a strong chinlock. After a moment, Jey broke the hold and tried to tag in (looked a bit sloppy). Jey Uso finally connected with an Uso Kick and Jimmy Uso gets the hot tag on Ambrose. Jimmy with a Samoan drop, then a Full Nelson Slam to Rollins. Jimmy struck his rear to Ambrose at the corner and attempted the cover. Ambrose and Jimmy then hit a double crossbody and both are down. The action breaks down. Gabriel sets up for the 450, but Ambrose escaped and ended it with a Headlock Driver.

Winners: The Shield (by Pinfall), Grade: C.

 After the match, The Shield stood tall.


They showed a highlight package of CM Punk, and the crowd reaction when he entered the ring. After a hard fought match, CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho.

Then they showed a package on Raw in which CM Punk did not want Heyman around him in the ring. CM Punk faced Alberto Del Rio on Monday. Del Rio got counted out and Dolph Ziggler chased Del Rio off the stage. However, the story did not end there, as Brock Lesnar confronted CM Punk and destroyed him with an F-5.

The commentary team provided thoughts on CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

Singles Match: Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro (w/Zeb Colter)

Before the match, Colter introduced “A Real American” and a man that can speak five languages. Then he ripped on Sin Cara for wearing a mask. Colter said Sin Cara is afraid because he wants to take advantage of the U.S.A. Colter said that Cesaro is a Real American. Cesaro has something that Sin Cara does not and that is pride. Cesaro ended it by saying “We The People”. We go under the Blue Lights for this match.

Cesaro and Sin Cara lock up and Cesaro stomps on Sin Cara. Sin Cara tried quickness early, but Cesaro continued ground him. Sin Cara finally comes back up and executed a couple wristlock takedowns and Cesaro leaves the ring for some strategy by Colter.

Cesaro teases a knuckle lock and after a couple takedowns presses on Sin Cara’s head. Sin Cara responded with a head scissors takedown. But Cesaro then snapped the neck off the ropes on Sin Cara. Cesaro then grabbed Sin Cara by the mask and drilled him to the barricade! Cesaro poses as we go to break.


Cesaro continued the onslaught with a clothesline, then clenches down with a chinlock to Sin Cara. Sin Cara broke the hold with forearms, but then Cesaro slammed him back to the mat. Cesaro then laid him down to the mat and then stomped him square on the mat. Cesaro then connected with a deadlift gutwrench Suplex. Sin Cara avoided his masked being pulled off. Sin Cara then used his speed with a fantastic wristlock takedown. Sin Cara then went to the top, and connected with the crossbody. Back in the ring, Sin Cara soared with a Corkscrew Crossbody. But still it is not enough, as Cesaro applied another hold. Sin Cara stunned Cesaro, then was able to hit a kick. Sin Cara is up top, then rolled him over (Cesaro landed hard on his head). Sin Cara then goes to the ropes, but Cesaro hit the Pop-Up European Uppercut and covered him for a two count. Cesaro applied another chinlock and spun him around for good measure. Cesaro then ended it with the Neutralizer.

Winner by Pinfall: Antonio Cesaro, Grade: C.

After the match, both appear to do The Pledge of Allegiance. Meanwhile, Rhodes and The Miz agree that Cesaro is going to be a future champion.


Josh Mathews said that we had a breaking news note! Despite being hurt on Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan WILL wrestle on Smackdown against Randy Orton.

Singles Match: Aksana vs. Kaitlyn

Mathews said that this was a rematch from Friday. The only highlight was Kaitlyn going crazy and slapped the taste out of a referee’s mouth.

Kaitlyn tries to fight at the corner, but the referee broke it. Aksana then attacked Kaitlyn a good bit and dropped the elbow on Aksana. Aksana then talked a bit of trash and applied a chinlock. Kaitlyn broke the hold, but Aksana shoved her to the mat. After a couple of nonchalant kicks, Aksana connected with the side slam. Aksana delivered a kick, and then applied another chinlock.

Kaitlyn finally broke the hold to buy time. Kaitlyn rammed her head to the mat and drilled Aksana’s head to the mat. Aksana side stepped off the corner and then stomped Kaitlyn until the referee broke it up. When she got back to the corner, Kaitlyn kicked Aksana and then Speared her to end the match.

Winner by Pinfall: Kaitlyn, Grade: D+


Rob Van Dam vignette.

The show ended with arguably the greatest moment in Mark Henry’s career. On Monday, Mark Henry teased a retirement announcement, only to destroy John Cena. Henry declared that he still has a lot in the tank and that is what he does.


Overall Thoughts

Shield vs. Usos/Gabriel – I was not totally into the match just because the outcome was expected. It was mainly to showcase The Shield’s dominance. This time, it came at the expense of The Usos and Justin Gabriel. At times it was sloppy, especially when Reigns missed Jey when they were about to get the hot tag segment. I thought Ambrose was great despite how average this match was tonight.

Cesaro vs. Sin Cara – I like this Antonio Cesaro story with Zeb Colter. Cesaro just needed a manager to really elevate what he can do in the ring. Cesaro’s weakness obviously is how he can talk to the crowd. This is a perfect partnership. Though Sin Cara did provide some fantastic maneuvers in the air, this was mainly to showcase the new team of Colter and Cesaro. Outside of a few clear mistakes, it was ok and the story of Cesaro is well in place. On the other hand, who ever thought that Sin Cara would be in this recent “jobber” status? It is just painful to watch someone who had these great expectations in the WWE just fall flat. The reader can decide who should be at fault.

Kaitlyn vs. Aksana – I wish I could say something good about Aksana’s offense, but it looked lethargic and it appeared that she was not too interested. Maybe I am wrong. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn took a ton of offense and ended it abruptly. This was Kaitlyn’s first match since losing the Divas Championship and I found it a bit underwhelming.

Overall, this was a Main Event that was the worst since I started recapping this show. Nothing truly to add other than that but I will just say that unless you are a fan of The Shield or Antonio Cesaro than you could just skip this show.

Overall Grade: D.

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