Over the course of today, new comments from former NXT developmental talent involving allegations made against NXT head trainer Bill DeMott for his treatment of talent during their time in developmental.

 * On Reddit, an interview recap was posted from the Vendetta Pro radio show with Austin Matelson (Judas Devilin) about his dealings with DeMott that can be viewed by clicking here

* Drew Donovan (Chase Donovan) added the following about DeMott from his previous comments made yesterday on Facebook:

“A certain point comes where you just lose respect for a dude for NOT punching someone in the face. Nude top rope squats is pretty much that point. Luckily I must have missed that day.”

* Brian Beaker (Brandon Traven) posted the following statement on his Twitter today via a series of posts about DeMott, saying he would reveal more during a podcast interview that will take place this weekend:

“I haven’t said anything publicly on the issue regarding my name on certain things. However I will discuss it on my next podcast, which will drop Sunday March 8th. I never set out to seek attention positive or negative, the story was leaked by someone else. I was happy living my life being an Indy wrestler, having a podcast and spending time with my family which I had missed for 6 years. I’ve been getting a lot texts, messages calls etc. about my time with WWE when I was Brandon Traven…everything will be address (sic) on my own podcast so that you get the story from me and know one else. But know this, I leaked nothing it was sent out without my knowledge, I am not bitter. In fact I’m very happy with my life now, if you have listened to my podcast before you know I’m in a good place. But, what’s out is out. And it will be addressed this Sunday.”

A letter Traven sent into Talent Relations’ Canyon Cemen about his issues with DeMott was sent in to the Sports Courier’s Facebook earlier today by former developmental talent Kevin Matthews that you can read by clicking here

* Finally, Ryan Nemeth (Briley Pierce) posted the following on Twitter, responding to people who assumed that these allegations made by the former NXT talent where sent in to WWE after they were released from the company:

“To help correct you- No, those letters did NOT come from “former talent.” The kids turned them in to @WWE formally while under contract.”