Alberto Del Rio is reporting that Alberto Del Rio (Jose Alberto Rodriguez) will be holding a press conference from Mexico City on Friday to announce his future with WWE.

We noted in a report last week that a report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online stated that Del Rio had already come to terms on a release from the company that would make him a free agent to begin working dates in Mexico.

Attempts by to contact WWE regarding Del Rio’s current contractual status with the company were not returned. Del Rio was suspended by WWE for 30 days effective August 18 and had returned to the company last October in his second run with WWE.


  1. Del Rio is amazing just remember WWE performers are told what moves perform and when. They get very little involvement but get paid a lot of money.

  2. I’ve watched Dos Caras Jr not just wrestle, but fight in PRIDE FC, and and I’ve always found him to be a bore. The only time I’ve ever been excited or interested to see him was when he was the surprise opponent for Cena when he returned last year, and even then, the shine wore off during the match.

  3. Only if it’s Alberto Del Rio trying to please me, apparently. I can’t really explain why, but, he’s really the only guy I can think of that really makes me just want to get up and do something other than watch him wrestle. He’s just never, ever clicked with me, and he’s the only male competitor I can think of that’s like that.

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