WWE Superstars

WWE Superstars officially finishes up weekly run

WWE Superstars is no more according to reports by PWInsider.com and Prowrestling.net. The show, which first premiered back in April 2009 as part of WGN America and later moved to internet only in 2011 along with airing in various international markets, is now being replaced by the new WWE 205 Live series focusing on the Cruiserweight division. WWE will now be taping Main Event before RAW going forward.

Why Stephanie McMahon wasn’t on RAW this week

Stephanie McMahon was a keynote speaker in China this week at the LeSports Connects event, a three-day international sports conference. This explains why she was not featured on last night’s Monday Night RAW episode in Charlotte.

Stephanie issued the following tweet about the conference.


  1. They probably should’ve waited till 2019 to end Superstars but at the same time a show focused on the Cruiserweights is a great concept.

  2. Why would they wait till 2019 for superstars to end..it sucked anyway!..I agree with the fact that cruiserweight needs their own show..

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