Jack Swagger

WWE just issued the following statement, confirming the release of Jack Swagger.

“WWE has come to terms on the release of Jack Swagger as of today, March 13, 2017. WWE wishes Swagger the best in all his future endeavors.”

WWE issued a statement back on March 3 announcing that Swagger had not been officially granted his release from the company.

Swagger revealed on Chael Sonnen’s podcast back a few days earlier that he had requested and was granted his release from WWE.


  1. On March 9, 2017 TNA rebranded as Impact Wrestling. The TNA name is no more. Impact Wrestling will get rid of all the TNA branded championship titles and replace them with Impact Wrestling branded championship titles. Jack Swagger will probably sign with Impact Wrestling by Slammiversary as you said.

  2. Just because “they” re-branded doesn’t mean a wrestling fan has to change what they call the brand accordingly. WWE owns “The Rock” name and so WWE decided years ago The Rock name couldn’t be used in his own non-affiliated projects BUT that hasn’t stopped nearly everyone from calling him The Rock since.

    Impact Wrestling can state that the TNA name is no more in a press release BUT that won’t change wrestling websites, and fans from saying the name in the future, and that is up to each fan to decide whether they will begin referring to the brand as Impact Wrestling…whether it is factually accurate from IW’s POV or not Oh, and agree, he probably will sign with Impact Wrestling / TNA by Slammiversary as you both said.

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