WWE star Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) issued a large statement on Twitter further addressing the incident at Orlando International Airport on Sunday with her fiancé and current GFW Unified Champion Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez).

Paige stated Patron initially prevented her from telling the full story after more details were released in the last few days among the media including TMZ audio from a witness nearby. She claims neither had any physical conflict during the incident, adding that it is “completely ridiculous how one story can spiral out of control.”

She later goes on to make a bold claim that it was her, not Patron, that was held for battery charges “because I threw a drink on him.” Paige, in the statement, notes an argument where she ended up throwing a glass of beer at Patron in anger and that is why he was described as smelling like alcohol in initial media reports.

It should be noted that the Orlando Police Department report only listed Patron, not Paige, regarding the domestic violence battery charge that remains under investigation this week. As reported earlier, Global Force Wrestling issued a statement on Wednesday announcing that Patron has been suspended indefinitely as a result of the incident.

You can check out all of Paige’s tweets below.


  1. I do! I do! And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. His past is horrible–from no showing several independent shows to his ugly, bitter attitude towards WWE.

  2. I’m wondering if Aaron was referring to Paige or Alberto though? He mentioned one career so I’m thinking it’s one or the other and I was thinking Paige was meant but King was thinking Alberto…hmm, perceptions!

  3. Sounds like an immature young girl who doesn’t know what a dysfunctional and abusive relationship is. How long before Impact puts the title back on Lashley?

  4. i’m sorry but no spouse just says they are pressing chargers on the other because they are just mad at each other….

  5. So a little story: I used to live in a city called Milton Keynes. It was a “new town” and as such attracted a certain type of people originally. Back when I moved there, it had new areas created that were actually quite nice, but the city predominantly housed losers.

    These losers were really quite “broken” people (no pun). Things like abusive relationships, molestation and so on were REALLY common. I’m not from that background, so am something of an observer to it all. I noted 2 things that I heard REALLY frequently:

    1) Girls accusing guys of stuff post-breakup that were really just motivated by bitterness and attempts to gain sympathetic attention.

    2) Girls who were being knocked about, or mentally gamed with by losers, but stood up for them all the time because they’d rather stay with that situation than deal with life.

    Bevis comes from a family in a similar socio-economic area. I’m just saying…

  6. Well if tmz is reporting it… must be all true… what .motive do they have to spiral a story about celebrities out of controll… this is so not deserved by anybody.

  7. Milton Keynes has no soul.

    They are so fake they can’t even make their own football team

    Disgustingl soulless place

  8. Actually no. He’s been associated with TNA/GFW since 2009 and made a full return in 2014 plus he wears TNA gear to his Bellator fights so Lashley has more than earned his TNA/GFW stripes unlike El Patron.

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