During RAW on Monday night in Pittsburgh, WWE revealed a SummerSlam added stipulation for the scheduled fatal four way for the Universal Championship.

Brock Lesnar, the current champion making a special appearance, was joined by Paul Heyman in the opening segment where Heyman revealed that if Lesnar was to lose his title at SummerSlam in three weeks that he would leave WWE.

Whether or not WWE would actually follow through with this stipulation remains to been. Lesnar remains under a deal with the company until next April, although he has continued to hint a possible return to the UFC including the latest Jon Jones call out on Saturday.

If you missed the segment on RAW, you can check it out below courtesy of WWE.


  1. And nothing of importance would be lost. All he does is make a few appearances on RAW,wrestle at PPVs and house shows.

  2. How can Lesner return to UFC, I thought he was suspended for the next year or 2 for steroid violation??? But anyway he should drop the title to one of the 3 rival’s at SS. Honestly anyone of them would make a better champion and the title would be seen on TV each week like it should be not once every 2 months! Brock is the worst, and worst “reigning”, ” defending “, ” champion” in the history of WWE EVER!!! Let him drop the belt and either have a WM match vs a UFC guy or just leave for an MMA fight elsewhere!

  3. His suspension effectively froze when he announced his retirement earlier this year. If he decides to begin testing under USADA again, his suspension will continue and he’d be available to fight in 2018.

  4. Any thoughts on how they are planning to play this if Lesnar loses? i.e. perhaps Angle, or Step or someone will say sorry Brock, you can’t leave until you finish out your signed contract and then it builds some sort of Brock against the system storyline. Other ideas?

  5. Honestly, the way they play things like this up, it’s beginning to look more like a sure bet that Brock will retain the title at Summerslam. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up holding it all the way up until Wrestlemania, when (insert hero here) finally “vanquishes the Beast” to win the title.

  6. (July9 2016) Brock Lesnar Was Suspended For 1 Year & Was Given A $250,000 fine
    His Suspension Was Up Last Month

  7. Brock Lesnar Suspension Was Up Last Month Since He Was Only Given A 1 Year Suspension & A $250,000 fine

  8. It Will Probably Be John Cena Or Roman Reigns To Set Up A Match John Cena vs. Roman Reigns For The Universal Championship Because Of Their Twitter Beef

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