Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy hints at a return to being “Broken”

Matt Hardy, who has introduced a revamped “Woken” character on WWE television the last month, shared the following on Twitter on Wednesday.

Hardy hinted at a return to his former “Broken” character while with Impact Wrestling.

The belief is that Hardy now owns all trademark rights to the term “Broken Matt Hardy” after no opposition was filed earlier this month.

As reported earlier this month, Hardy shared a photo with Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm seeming to indicate that the company was giving up the intellectual property fight with Hardy over the use of the “Broken” term.

Sasha Banks appears on MTV’s TRL

Sasha Banks made an appearance on MTV’s TRL, which was relaunched by the network.


  1. It was at the start but is losing steam, due mostly to booking, and it could get a great boost if WWE would let the family in on it (I.e. Benjamin) – WWE could have such a great merchandise hit if they booked this properly. #itsnotonmatt

  2. i just think the gimmick was a big fish in a small pond in tna and that’s why it went over soo well there. when it came to the wwe that gimmick became a small fish in a big lake. i mean according to matt he has full creative control of his gimmick and it just hasn’t panned out. i think the gimmick was a wwe fan fad and now that the wwe fans have seen it in the wwe, the gimmick has become passe…

  3. It’s a lot like the NXT characters, gimmicks and wrestlers. They work well on the smaller scale, but once they are in the ocean that is the WWE, it doesn’t work as well with the crowds. Take the Ascension for example. Kick ass in NXT, painted up Young Stallions in WWE.

  4. Please explain to me how Sasha talking about farting and whoever the hell Justina is talking in that fake wannabe accent has to do with women empowerment?

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