WWE RAW Results 6/2/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
June 2, 2014
Indianapolis, Indiana
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video kicks off the show that recaps the brutal Six-Man Elimination No Holds Barred Tag Team Match with Evolution taking on The Shield from last night’s WWE Payback PPV. The Shield got a clean sweep over Evolution.

Evolution’s music hits, and they make their way out to the stage to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Triple H and Batista are in suits while Randy Orton is in wrestling trunks and a t-shirt. Triple H’s left eye is black. The members of Evolution do not look happy as they get into the ring. The music stops, and a “Bluetista” chant kicks up. Triple H says some say it is always darkest before the dawn, but the funny thing is they think they won. The people think The Shield won and that it’s over, including The Shield, but they don’t get it. Triple H says he doesn’t lose. He always wins. This will not be over until The Shield exists no longer. The crowd boos him. Triple H says that happens tonight.

Batista rips the microphone out of Triple H’s hand and says he doesn’t want another match against The Shield. He’s been there and done that. He wants what’s coming to him. Batista wants the one-on-one championship match Triple H promised him. Triple H grabs a microphone from a stagehand and says there is a reason he’s the leader. There’s a reason he is the boss. Triple H says he has the ability to see the bigger picture. Maybe Batista doesn’t see it, but there is a plan. Batista says he doesn’t care about Triple H’s plan or The Shield. He came back, won the Royal Rumble, and earned a one-on-one championship match, and he wants it tonight. Triple H says he’s not sure that Batista is aware the Daniel Bryan is injured and can’t compete. Even if he wanted to give Batista a shot, he can’t. Triple H then says, “Even if I did, you’d probably choke in it anyway.” Batista removes his sunglasses, and Triple H apologizes. Triple H says things are tense and stressful around here tonight.

Triple H says there is a plan and asks if this is how Batista wants to go down. Triple H says he’s never started a fight that he couldn’t finish, and he won’t start today. Triple H reiterates that this ends when The Shield is no more. When that happens, Batista will get all he wants. Until that time, no one is getting anything. Batista says, “I understand, and I quit.” Batista sarcastically waves to the crowd and leaves. Triple H yells to him that he’s finished and can’t come crawling back when his movie craps out in Hollywood.

Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and JBL talk about what just happened with Evolution.

They show a video of Brie Bella quitting WWE and slapping Stephanie McMahon in the face. We’ll hear how Stephanie reacts to that later tonight. Coming up next, we’ll see Rob Van Dam and Sheamus take on Bad News Barrett and Cesaro.

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They show a replay of Batista quitting WWE. They then show a video of Batista on the WWE App, and he says he’s done with all the empty promises. He’s gotten nothing but crap since he returned.

Rob Van Dam and Sheamus vs. Cesaro and Bad News Barrett w/ Paul Heyman

They show a pre-taped promo with Bad News Barrett. Barrett says he defeated RVD at the Payback PPV. Everyone loves RVD’s Five Star Frog Splash, but he’s afraid he’s got some bad news. The only one who will be seeing stars tonight is RVD, as he’ll be eating a Bull Hammer.

Paul Heyman joins the commentary team. Cesaro will start the match against Sheamus. Cesaro kicks and punches Sheamus to the corner before whipping him to the opposite corner. Sheamus quickly boots him in the face and hits a diving battering ram for a two count. They trade punches and uppercuts before Cesaro knees him in the midsection and hits a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Cesaro uppercuts him before sending him to the corner. Sheamus quickly pops out of the corner with a clothesline, and he catches him on the apron. Sheamus tries for the 10 Beats of the Bodhrán, but Cesaro head-butts him away and snaps the arm off the top rope. Bad News Barrett is tagged in, and he kicks Sheamus before wrenching the arm. Barrett knees him in the midsection before attempting a hip toss, but Sheamus blocks it and hits a short-arm clothesline.

Rob Van Dam is tagged in, and he kicks Barrett. Barrett applies a side headlock, but RVD whips him off. RVD lowers his head and eats a kick. RVD then comes right back with a spinning wheel kick for a two count. RVD kicks him in the ribs a few times before having a whip reversed on him. RVD elbows him in the face and goes for a springboard thrust kick, but Barrett clotheslines him out of mid-air!

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We come back from the break to see RVD fighting up from an arm bar applied by Barrett. RVD fights out, but Barrett quickly big boots him down for a near fall. Cesaro is tagged in, and he stomps RVD. Cesaro uppercuts him to the corner before hitting a running uppercut for a near fall. Cesaro then applies a chin lock. Heyman is espousing Cesaro’s great qualities on commentary. RVD fights up and kicks Cesaro in the face. Cesaro stops him from tagging Sheamus and hits him with a deadlift gutwrench suplex. Barrett is tagged in, and he kicks RVD in the midsection before hitting a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Barrett goes to the second rope for an elbow drop and a two count. Barrett then applies the chin lock, but RVD soon fights up. RVD elbows out and kicks him in the face. Barrett quickly comes back with a back elbow that knocks RVD out of the ring. Cesaro tags in, and he stalks RVD at ringside before sending him into the barricade. Cesaro throws him into the ring, and RVD gets a rope break at two and a half. Cesaro kicks him down in the corner before sending him to the opposite side. Cesaro runs into a back elbow, and RVD rolls him up with the leg scissors for a near fall. Cesaro quickly clotheslines him down for a two count of his own. Cesaro tries again for the same results. Cesaro then goes back to the chin lock. RVD fights up and punches him, but Cesaro knees him down. Cesaro then punches Sheamus off the apron. The referee tries to keep Sheamus from entering the ring. RVD then has a kick blocked, but he takes Cesaro out with a step over heel kick.

Sheamus and Barrett are tagged in. Sheamus hits Barrett with a pair of Irish hammers before shouldering him in the midsection and hitting a knee lift. Sheamus then clotheslines him down before scaring Cesaro away. Sheamus then ducks a clothesline and hits a powerslam on Barrett. Sheamus then catches Cesaro with a powerslam. Heyman gets off commentary and shouts to Cesaro as Sheamus signals for a Brogue Kick. The crowd is red hot. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Heyman pulls Cesaro out of the ring. Cesaro hugs Heyman as Barrett hits Sheamus with the Winds of Change for a near fall. Cesaro waves off Barrett and abandons him. Barrett isn’t happy about this turn of events. Barrett goes for The Wasteland, but Sheamus gets out. RVD tags in, and he blocks a kick. RVD spins him, and Sheamus hits Barrett with a Brogue Kick. RVD then hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Rob Van Dam and Sheamus
Match Rating: ** 1/4

The Usos will take on Erick Rowan and Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family later tonight.

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Damien Sandow comes out with a Pacers jersey and a basketball calling himself Lance Stephenson, a basketball player from the Indiana Pacers. Sandow says he should be preparing for the games, but the Pacers’ season has come to an end. Chris Copeland of the Pacers is seen at ringside shaking his head. Sandow gets in the ring, and eh says with all of his free time, he’s out here for a few reasons. Sandow then says that LeBron James is the greatest player in NBA history. Sandow then says the Indiana Pacers are a losing team from a losing city. Sandow says he’s only stating facts. As an act of charity, for the crowd that continues to support a losing team like the Pacers, he will now give a public display of his skills. Sandow says, “You’re welcome.”

Sandow dribbles the ball around the ring a few times and fakes taking a shot in the net that is set up in the corner. Big Show’s music then hits, and he makes his way to the ring smiling. Sandow says, “How dare you interrupt my display of mad skills?” Sandow asks if Big Show thinks he has game. Sandow tells him to get on the board. Sandow tosses the basketball to Big Show and does some flailing around as a form of defense. Big Show throws the ball into his midsection and hits the Knockout Punch. Big Show picks up the basketball and dunks it so hard that the net breaks.

We’ll hear from The Shield about their defeat of Evolution at WWE Payback later tonight.

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Kofi Kingston is in the ring. They show still photos of Kane destroying him last night at WWE Payback. Kingston was supposed to face Bo Dallas at the time. That match will happen now.

Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas

Before the match begins, Dallas grabs a microphone. JBL says it’s time for a “Bomo.” Dallas says there is only one reason why the Miami Heat defeated their beloved Pacers. That’s because every single player on the team, especially LeBron James, Bolieved!

The bell rings, and they lock up. Dallas applies a side headlock, but Kingston whips him off. Dallas then shoulder blocks him down and gets out of the ring to celebrate. Dallas wants a handshake, but Kingston turns him down. Kingston applies a waistlock, but Dallas transitions to a side headlock. Dallas gets whipped off, and Kingston hits a back elbow. Kingston then dropkicks him out of the ring. Kingston challenges him to get back in as Dallas looks shocked. Dallas gets in the ring, and Kingston offers a handshake. Dallas shakes his hand and goes for a kick, but Kingston blocks it and kicks him down. Kingston sends him into the ropes, but Dallas counters back with a swinging neckbreaker. Dallas sends him into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Dallas then drops a trio of knees before telling the crowd to not stop Bolieving. Dallas then applies a neck vice. The crowd chants, “Bo-ring.” Kingston fights up, so Dallas sends him to the corner. Kingston then hits a springboard dropkick.

Kingston chops him a few times before dropkicking him down. Kingston splashes him in the corner for a two count. Kingston hits a monkey flip before hitting a springboard cross-body block for a two count. Kingston boots him to the corner and goes for another monkey flip, but Dallas counters with a flapjack. Dallas hits a Bo-dog for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Bo Dallas
Match Rating: 3/4 *

Bo Dallas runs around ringside to high five the fans after his victory. Dallas goes to hug Kingston, but Kingston pushes him away. Dallas then raises his hands in victory and leaves the ring.

Replays are shown of Triple H attempting to book Evolution versus The Shield for tonight, but Batista instead quit WWE after demanding a title match and being denied. Batista then said he was tired off all the empty promises.

Renee Young is backstage hoping to get a word with Triple H regarding Evolution. Stephanie McMahon walks out of the locker room, and she says Triple H is busy. Stephanie then says she has a scoop as she’s heading to the ring right now to make an announcement about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring. As she does, replays are shown of Brie Bella slapping Stephanie in the face right after quitting the WWE to save Daniel Bryan from giving up the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie says that Daniel Bryan showed his true colors last night at WWE Payback. Bryan showed that he truly is a selfish little man who chose himself over what’s best for business, his wife, and the fans because he didn’t surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The people deserve a fighting champion, and Bryan should know that, but instead he impotently stood by while his wife Brie Bella fell on the sword. Speaking of Brie Bella, who put her hands on Stephanie a few weeks ago, she should have been fired on the spot. Instead, she showed restraint and gave them many chances. What did she get for that? A slap in the face! The fans cheer this, and the arena erupts in a “YES!” chant. Stephanie says she’s tough. She’s a McMahon – she’ll live. She wonders if Bryan will be able to live with himself as he wakes up every morning and looks at his wife’s broken heart knowing it was because of his selfishness.

Stephanie says this is about something bigger than one person. This is about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In four weeks time, at the Money in the Bank PPV, if Daniel Bryan can compete, he will be defending the title against Kane in a Stretcher Match. If Bryan cannot compete, then for the first time ever, the Money in the Bank match will be for the vacated WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stephanie goes on to say that she can’t understand why they cheer for Daniel Bryan, but she’s interrupted by John Cena’s music. Cena hits the ring as the crowd gives him a great ovation. Stephanie says the people like him as much as they like her. She then congratulates him on an incredible match against Bray Wyatt last night. Cena says he’s sure after the fight Wyatt put up last night we haven’t seen the last of him. Cena is then interrupted by a “Cena sucks” chant. Cena says Stephanie’s job is tough. She has to make a lot of tough choices. She does an ok job with some of them, but some of them are questionable after listening to the WWE Universe. A “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks!” chant breaks up. Cena says this is what the WWE Universe is about – having a good time.

What’s not best for business is the situation with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Cena says the situation is out of hand. He is an employee and a fan of WWE, but he’s speaking as a 14-time champion who knows what it takes to win a championship, lose it, and give it away. Just like Daniel Bryan, he had an injury that forced him without question to give away the WWE Championship. Stephanie says Cena knew what was right, but Cena cuts her off. Cena says the WWE Universe deserves to see a fighting champion and no one person is bigger than that. Stephanie says that’s right, like Daniel Bryan. Cena then includes Stephanie in that list, and he calls her a spoiled, jealous egomaniac.

Cena says no one person is bigger than the title. He gets it – she doesn’t like Bryan and doesn’t want him to be champion. Cena tells her to face the fact that Bryan is really good. A big “YES!” chant breaks out. Cena says he’ll tell her something she already knows – the WWE Universe can be as loud as they want for whomever they want. At the end of the day, it’s about proving yourself in the ring, and Bryan does that every single time. Bryan is championship material. Bryan beat him fair and square for the title at Summerslam, and they took it from him. The reason he relinquished the WWE Championship is because he knew he’d get a shot at it when he got back. Stephanie created all of this. Bryan won’t give back the title not because he’s afraid he won’t get a shot again; he’s afraid she’ll eliminate him from the WWE.

Stephanie says Bryan is good. He’s a B+, but he’s not great. Bryan isn’t a champion like Cena because he can’t physically compete. Stephanie says Bryan hasn’t defended the title in 30 days. As a leader, she has to do what’s best for business. Popular or not, she has to make these decisions. Cena says he’s had four surgeries that have taken him out of action as has her husband, Triple H. Cena then mentions that Stephanie has had surgeries as well. Stephanie says those put her in business. Cena’s point is what’s best for business is business. She has let her personal affairs get in the way of what’s best for business. As a result, she’s made an embarrassment of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, wasted the fans’ times, and embarrassed herself. Cena says he’ll speak to her as an employee. If he were giving her a job evaluation, he’d give her a zero. Cena says that zero means she sucks. The fans then chant, “You suck!” The WWE Universe gives her a zero according to Cena.

Stephanie says she doesn’t care how anybody rates her. What she cares about is creating opportunity. Cena says she’s not a good leader, but she’ll give him an opportunity tonight. She knows he’s beat up from his Last Man Standing match last night, but she’ll give him a chance to show how tough he really is when he goes one-on-one against Daniel Bryan’s opponent at Money in the Bank, if he’s able to compete, Kane. That match is right now! Cena does not look happy about that. Stephanie then says, “Payback’s a bitch, John, but then again, so am I!” Stephanie then leaves the ring as Kane’s pyro explodes on the stage.

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John Cena vs. Kane

We join the match in progress. Kane punches Cena down a few times before picking him up by the head. Cena punches back, but Kane big boots him down for a two count. Kane stomps him a few times before driving him to the corner and uppercutting him down. Kane stomps him a few more times before picking him up. Cena quickly comes back with a dropkick, but Kane soon pops up and catches him with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Kane kicks him in the face before trading punches with him. Kane goes for a Chokeslam, but Cena gets out, ducks a clothesline, and hits a pair of shoulder blocks. Cena hits a back suplex powerbomb and goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena connects, and he sets up for an Attitude Adjustment. Kane elbows out and punches him down. Kane punches him down in the corner before kneeing away at him. Kane continues to knee him in the face in the corner as the referee counts. The referee then calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: John Cena
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Kane pulls Cena out of the ring and sends him into the steel steps. Kane throws away the top portion of the steps, and he grabs Cena. Kane brings him on the larger half of the steps. Kane goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Cena slides off and sends him into the ring post. Cena then lifts the top portion of the steps and throws them into Kane’s face. Kane is floored at ringside as Cena’s music hits. Cena then walks to the back. Kane sits up, and he does not look happy. Kane throws the steps and rips the cover off the commentary table. Kane hits the table with a steel chair before throwing it into the ring. Kane then walks off to the back.

A replay is shown of Batista quitting WWE after demanding the title match that was promised to him and not receiving it.

Randy Orton is walking backstage when Renee Young stops him. She asks what happened earlier in the ring. Orton says things got heated, so Batista took his ball and went home. Afterwards, he had a discussion with Triple H, and they’re 100% on the same page. He’s still the face of the WWE, and he’ll prove it in his match against Roman Reigns, tonight.

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Highlights are shown of El Torito defeating Hornswoggle in a Hair vs. Mask match. Hornswoggle then had his head shaved.

El Torito is in the ring with Los Matadores. 3MB’s music hits, and they come out. Heath Slater tells them to hold on. They thought they shaved Hornswoggle’s head, but they didn’t. With a little patience and a lot of miracle grow, he’s back and better than ever. Hornswoggle then comes out with an afro wig on, and he looks very upset.

Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs. 3MB w/ Hornswoggle and Jinder Mahal

Drew McIntyre starts the match against Diego. Diego chops the chest. McIntyre tries to punch him, but he keeps missing. Diego keeps chopping the chest. McIntyre then knocks him down and clubs away at his chest. Slater is tagged in, and Diego sweeps the feet. Diego chops the chest a few times before having a whip reversed. Slater then takes him out with a crescent kick. Slater celebrates, and Hornswoggle dances on the apron. El Torito sneaks up on him, and he rips the afro wig off. Hornswoggle’s head is still half shaved from last night. Hornswoggle runs off embarrassed. Slater is then rolled up for the loss.

Winners by Pinfall: Los Matadores
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Los Matadores put the afro on El Torito, and they celebrate on the ramp.

Dolph Ziggler will take on Alberto Del Rio in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match later tonight.

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Nikki Bella vs. Alicia Fox and Aksana

This match came about because Stephanie McMahon says Nikki Bella needs to pick up the slack for her sister quitting. Aksana will start the match against Nikki. They lock up, and Nikki takes her down with a monkey flip. Nikki hits a leg trip before hitting the ropes, but Alicia kicks her in the back. Aksana clotheslines her down, and she tags in Alicia. Alicia and Aksana slam her down. Alicia taunts the crowd, and Nikki punches Aksana and Alicia before rolling up Alicia, but Aksana breaks up the pinfall. Alicia quickly kicks Nikki and hits a scissor kick for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Alicia Fox and Aksana
Match Rating: 1/2 *

Alicia picks Nikki up and throws her out of the ring. Alicia then hits the ropes and does a cartwheel. Alicia and Aksana then corner Nikki. Alicia then hits her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker at ringside. Alicia yells that she is #Winning.

The Wyatt Family’s video flashes on the screen. We see a shot of an empty rocking chair. The camera then pans up to see Erick Rowan in his sheep mask. Luke Harper then says, “Now WE take up his cause. We prowl the charred landscape like a ravenous dragon with no one left to torture except for the same pair of brothers, The Usos. The Usos work so hard to smite the cause. They will pay for their atrocities. Retribution cannot be achieved until they are put down, the craven beasts they are. We shall not spare the flock. They will suffer for their misdeeds, and they will burn.” Erick Rowan then says, “Follow the buzzards.”

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Jack Swagger is in the ring with Zeb Colter. Colter is in mid-sentence when we come back. Colter says Adam Rose, who is coming out next, should be deported. His partygoers should be put in prison. They just ride up and down with no jobs, and the people are paying for it. Tonight, Jack Swagger is going to do what the immigration people won’t do. He’s going to run Rose out of town. Colter then asks all Real Americans to say, “We the people!”

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Adam Rose

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee of all time, is the official for this match. Rose saunters around the ring, and Swagger quickly powers him to the corner. Rose quickly gets away and slaps him on the backside. Swagger punches him down and goes for a body slam, but Rose gets out and slaps his backside again. Swagger hits the ropes, and he goes over Rose a few times before Rose hits a back elbow. Rose uppercuts him in the corner a few times before going for 10 punches, but Swagger gets out and big boots him down. Swagger puts Rose in the corner and punches a few times before hitting a belly-to-belly side suplex for a two count. Swagger then under-hooks the arms as the crowd sings Rose’s theme song. Rose fights up, and he avoids a splash in the corner. Rose boots him in the face, and he punches away at Swagger. Rose hits an inverted atomic drop before hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Rose hits a running Bronco Buster followed by the Party Foul for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Adam Rose
Match Rating: *

Byron Saxton is backstage with The Usos. Saxton asks about their match against Harper and Rowan. Jimmy Uso says they had a blast last night. They might be banged up, but they’re not down. They had John Cena’s back last night. Cena handled his business, and they’ll do the same. Jey Uso says they’ll do whatever it takes to make Harper and Rowan understand that they’re not going anywhere. Jimmy says they’re going to go wild. This match is next.

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Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Jimmy and Jey Uso

This is a non-title match. Erick Rowan will start the match against Jimmy Uso. They lock up, and Rowan powers him to the corner. Rowan punches Jey in his taped ribs, but Jimmy comes back with some right hands of his own. Jimmy hits the ropes, and Rowan shoulder blocks him down. Rowan punches him in the ribs before tagging in Luke Harper. Harper shoves him before punching him. Jimmy tries to fight back, but Harper punches him in the ribs. They hit the ropes, and Jimmy hits him with a running cross-body block followed by a jumping heel kick. Jimmy punches him, and Jey tags in. Jey hits a running forearm to the face before punching him. Jey then hits the 10 punches in the corner. Harper reverses a whip, and he dropkicks Jey down. Rowan is tagged in, and he kicks away at him. Rowan chokes him on the ropes and forearms him in the back. Rowan then applies a neck vice. Jey tries to fight up, but Rowan keeps him grounded. Jey finally fights up and goes for a body slam, but Rowan weighs too much, and Jey falls. Rowan picks up a two count. Harper tags in, and he chops Jey. Jey gets a burst of energy, and he punches back. Harper soon comes back, and he punches Jey down. Rowan tags in, and he drops an elbow. Rowan then body slams him down. Rowan rips at his face before going for an elbow drop, but Jey moves. Jey pulls himself up, and Rowan avalanches him in the corner. Rowan goes for a back suplex, but Jey flips through, crawls through the legs, and tags in Jimmy.

Jimmy hits some running forearms, but Rowan doesn’t go down. Jimmy goes for a sunset flip, but Rowan still stays up. Rowan goes for a leg drop, but Jimmy moves. Jimmy then hits a running dropkick to the face for a two count. Rowan pushes him away and goes for a back body drop, but Jimmy flips through. Jimmy then dropkicks him out of the ring. Harper runs in, and the Usos kick him in the midsection before punching him out of the ring. The Usos stand tall in the ring as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jimmy laid out at ringside. Harper tags in, and he sends Jimmy into the apron before hitting a running elbow. Harper throws him into the ring, and he drops some elbows for a two count. Harper picks him up and sends him into the corner before hitting an uppercut. Harper taunts the fans before Rowan tags in. Rowan stomps away at him before hitting a head-butt. Rowan knocks Jey off the apron before walking into a right hand from Jimmy. Jimmy punches him, but Rowan soon knees him in the midsection. Rowan drops a knee on the ribs and in the back before sending him to the corner. Rowan forearms the chest before propping him up on the top rope. Rowan then clubs away at Jimmy’s injured ribs. Jimmy is hung up in the tree of woe, and Rowan kicks him. Rowan goes for a running shoulder thrust, but Jimmy sits up. Jimmy then pulls himself up to the top rope, and he hits a corkscrew plancha!

Jey and Harper are tagged in, and Jey hits him with a cross-body block. Jey kicks him before having a whip reversed. Jey hits a pair of clotheslines and a kick to the midsection before hitting an uppercut. Harper blocks a kick and spins him, but Jey comes right back with a spinning heel kick. Jey then hits a running hip block to the head. Jey hits it a second time, and Rowan breaks up the pinfall. Jimmy quickly attacks Rowan, but he’s soon thrown out of the ring. Jey then throws Rowan out. Harper goes for a roll up, but Jey rolls through. Harper then big boots him down for a near fall, and Harper cannot believe it. Harper sends him to the corner, and he runs into a boot. Jey jumps over him and hits a missile dropkick. Jey connects with a Samoan Drop, and he goes to the top rope. Rowan gets on the apron, and Jey kicks him off. Jey then hits Rowan with a cross-body plancha to the outside! Harper then annihilates Jey with a suicide dive! Jimmy gets in the ring, and he then takes Harper out with a leaping plancha! Jimmy gets his brother up, and he throws Harper into the ring. Jey goes to the top rope and goes for a Superfly Splash, but Harper gets the knees up. Harper goes for a discus clothesline, but he spins into a superkick for a near fall!

The crowd is really into the match as they’re clapping for both men to get up. Rowan blind tags in as Jey sends Harper over the top rope. Rowan gives Jimmy a back body drop out of the ring, and Jey rolls Rowan up for a near fall. Rowan quickly blocks a kick and shoves him to the corner. Rowan then hits a vicious side slam for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Match Rating: ***

Tonight’s main event will see Randy Orton take on Roman Reigns. Dolph Ziggler will face Alberto Del Rio in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, next.

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Bad News Barrett will defend his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam in a WWE Payback rematch on WWE Main Event, exclusively on the WWE Network.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

They lock up, and Del Rio applies a side headlock. Ziggler tries to whip him off, but Del Rio doesn’t release the hold. Del Rio pushes him to the corner and kicks him in the ribs before punching him down. Ziggler quickly comes back with a roll up for a no count. Ziggler kicks and punches him before hitting a neckbreaker for a one count. Ziggler drops some “heart stopping” elbows for a one count. Del Rio quickly kicks him and hits a double-knee arm-breaker. Del Rio hits a kick to the shoulder for a one count. Del Rio punches away at him for another two count. Del Rio applies an arm bar, but Ziggler fights up. Del Rio quickly slams him down by the hair, and he chokes him on the bottom rope. Del Rio hits a back suplex for a one count. Del Rio applies another arm bar, but Ziggler fights up and punches out. Ziggler hits the ropes, lands on his feet to counter a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and dropkicks him down.

A “Let’s go Ziggler” chant breaks out. Ziggler hits a running cross-body followed by some rapid punches. Ziggler splashes him and goes for a backslide pin, but Del Rio gets out and forearms him in the kidneys. Ziggler flips through a back suplex attempt, and he kicks him in the knee before hitting a famouser for a near fall. Del Rio pushes him away and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a near fall. Del Rio kicks him in the back and punches him in the head. Del Rio goes to the top rope, but Ziggler scales the ropes and hits a flying sit-out face-buster for a near fall! Ziggler waits for him to get up and goes for a Zig-Zag, but Del Rio holds on to the ropes. Del Rio quickly hits a flapjack and goes for a running kick to the jaw, but Ziggler avoids it. Ziggler goes for a spike DDT, but Del Rio counters into a Cross Arm Breaker for the win!

Winner by Submission: Alberto Del Rio
Match Rating: **

Alberto Del Rio is now entered into a WWE Money in the Bank match where it could either be for the briefcase or the WWE World Heavyweight Championship should Daniel Bryan not be able to compete.

Footage is shown from last night’s WWE Payback show when Cody Rhodes told Goldust he needs a better tag team partner than him. Rhodes is seen talking to his brother backstage. He handpicked Goldust’s tag partner for his match against Rybaxel, next.

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Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Goldust and Sin Cara

Cody Rhodes is seen watching the match backstage. Curtis Axel will start against Goldust. Axel applies a side headlock, and Goldust whips him off. Axel shoulder blocks him down and hits the ropes. Goldust misses a clothesline, but he comes right back with an inverted atomic drop. Goldust punches him before hitting a hip toss. Axel quickly knees him in the midsection and clubs him down. Ryback is tagged in, and Goldust uppercuts him. Sin Cara is tagged in, and he hits a missile dropkick for a one count. Cara kicks and chops him before tagging Goldust back in. Cara dropkicks Ryback down, and Goldust drops an elbow for a no count. Ryback knees him in the midsection before powering him to the corner. Ryback chops the chest, but Goldust punches back. Goldust sends him to the ropes, but he misses a clothesline. Ryback then shoulder blocks him out of the ring. Axel tags in, and he drives Goldust into the barricade for a near fall. Ryback is tagged back in, and he avalanches Goldust in the corner. Axel tags in, and they hit a double-team suplex for a two count. Axel then applies a chin lock. Goldust fights up, but Axel quickly dropkicks him down. Axel taunts the crowd before talking trash to Goldust. Goldust tries to fight back, but Axel punches him down. Ryback tags in as Axel drops an elbow for a two count. Ryback goes for the same move, but Goldust gets a boot up.

Sin Cara and Axel are tagged in. Cara hits a springboard flying head-butt before hitting a clothesline. Cara hits a springboard cross-body before kicking him in the knee a few times. Axel reverses a whip, but Cara comes back with a handspring back elbow, but Ryback breaks up the pinfall. Goldust runs in to attack Ryback. Ryback shoves him to the corner and goes for a shoulder thrust, but he winds up hitting the ring post when Goldust moves. Axel then throws Goldust out of the ring. Axel drops Cara to the apron, but Cara comes back with a kick to the temple. Cara goes for the Falling Star, but Axel moves. Axel then hits a hangman’s facebuster for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Ryback and Curtis Axel
Match Rating: * 1/4

Cody Rhodes is seen watching backstage, and he looks unhappy with the result.

Rusev will be honored in a “Hero of the Russian Federation Ceremony,” next.

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A podium is in the center of the ring with three serious looking men surrounding it. One is holding a box. The ring has a red carpet in it. Lana is then introduced to the stage. Lana says America likes to project an image like they’re the heroes of the world, always doing the right thing. A “USA” chant breaks out, and Lana is not happy. She tells them to stop the chant before telling them to shut up. The Americans deny their heroes basic rights, like Edward Snowden. Snowden’s face is shown on the titantron. She says Snowden wasn’t able to practice his first amendment right of freedom of speech in America, but he can in Russia. Russia honors and cherishes its heroes. This is why it’s a superpower led by the greatest leader, Vladimir Putin. Putin’s face is then shown on the titantron. Lana says it’s upon the approval and confirmation of Mr. Putin that they will honor a hero tonight. This hero will lead this impoverished nation to a state of superiority. He resides in Moscow, Rusev.

Rusev’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring waving the Russian flag. They shake hands with the men in the ring. Lana tells Rusev to stand on the podium and be recognized. The crowd chants “USA,” and Lana tells them to show some respect. Lana says we’re about to witness the Hero of the Russian Federation ceremony to honor the man for his heroic feats. A Russian representative takes it from here. The man says Rusev is being honored on behalf of the great, powerful Russia and its people. Rusev is receiving the highest civilian honor. The man then puts a medal around Rusev’s neck. Rusev takes a microphone, and he speaks in his native tongue. Lana then says, “Long live Mother Russia! Long live the super athlete, Rusev!” She then asks the crowd to show rise and show respect to the Russian National Anthem. The Anthem plays as confetti falls from the rafters.

Randy Orton will face Roman Reigns, next.

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Bray Wyatt will return this Friday on Smackdown.

A replay is shown from earlier in the night of Batista quitting the WWE following many broken promises made to him.

The Shield cuts a promo before the match. Dean Ambrose says they feel great. They’re bruised and beaten up, but last night they faced their biggest challenge to date in Evolution. When the napalm settled, they did what they said they would do – they had a clean sweep over Evolution without a single casualty. Ambrose says that is domination. Seth Rollins says they were told to “adapt or perish,” and that’s what they did. The Shield adapted while Evolution perished. Earlier tonight, the whole world was witness to their implosion. The reason Evolution perished is because even though they are three of the greatest superstars in the industry’s history, they were not one like The Shield last night. They were three strangers standing on the same side of the ring. Roman Reigns says Evolution aren’t brothers. The three men in the ring right now are brothers. Reigns says they are Evolution and The Shield. Reigns then tells Randy Orton to get his ass out there so he can break his jaw with the symbol of excellence.

Evolution’s music hits, and Triple H accompanies Randy Orton to the ring carrying a sledgehammer. Seth Rollins grabs some steel chairs and brings them to the ring. Triple H says if they haven’t figured it out yet, what he does better than anybody is adapt. Last night was Plan A. Tonight, it’s Plan B. There’s always a Plan B. Rollins then cracks Reigns in the back with the steel chair! Ambrose looks on in shock, and Rollins hits him in the midsection with the chair before smacking the chair off his back as well! Rollins viciously assaults Reigns and Ambrose with the steel chair before throwing it away! The crowd boos as Triple H and Randy Orton look on.

The crowd chants, “You sold out!” toward Rollins as he sets another chair up in the center of the ring. Rollins then gives Ambrose the Curb Stomp on the chair! Rollins takes a chair and leaves the ring. Rollins stares at Triple H and Orton before looking at the steel chair. Rollins then hands the steel chair to Orton. Orton gets in the ring, and he cracks Reigns on the back with the chair. Orton digs the edge into his spine a few times before bending it over his back. Orton viciously slams it off Reigns’ back. Orton unzips Reigns’ vest and rips off his shirt. Orton then takes the vest off. There is some major discoloration on Reigns’ back from the chair shots. Orton then gives Reigns an RKO on the steel chair! Rollins gets in the ring, and Triple H puts his arm around him. Triple H, Orton, and Rollins stand over Reigns and Ambrose as the crowd chants, “You sold out!” at them. Triple H puts his arms around both men, and he mouths, “That’s Evolution” before saying, “I won.” Triple H’s music then hits, and he lays the sledgehammer on Reigns’ chest.


Quick Match Results

Rob Van Dam and Sheamus def. Cesaro and Bad News Barrett
Bo Dallas def. Kofi Kingston
John Cena def. Kane via DQ
Los Matadores def. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre
Alicia Fox and Aksana def. Nikki Bella
Adam Rose def. Jack Swagger
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan def. Jimmy and Jey Uso (non-title)
Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler via Submission (MITB Qualifier)
Ryback and Curtis Axel def. Goldust and Sin Cara

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