Mercedes Mone’ confirms her next match to be in the United States

Mercedes Mone’ is coming to Long Beach, California on May 21. 

After dropping the IWGP Women’s Championship to Mayu Iwatani at Stardom All-Star Grand Queendom on Sunday, Mone’ says she will be at NJPW Resurgence, which takes place from the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California, on Sunday, May 21. 

This confirms our earlier report that her next Mone’s next match would be in the United States. She dropped the title just after after it was reported she had agreed to a contract extension with NJPW/Stardom. Mone’s only held the title for 64 days.

Mone’ taunted Iwatani for most of the match. Iwatani pinned Mone’ after hitting a dragon suplex. After the match, Mone’ said that she loves being the CEO of Stardom and then told Iwatani she really was the icon of Stardom. Mone’ had won the IWGP Women’s Title back at the NJPW Battle in the Valley in San Jose, California on February 18.

Mone’ addressed the media backstage at the post-event media conference, saying the following:

I am so, so disappointed. I feel broken. I feel bankrupt. I legit just called my CPA, and she said that I’m still really, really rich, so I will be okay. But look what Mayu did to my beautiful face. Do you not know who I am? I am a living legend. I am a star. I am a star in Star Wars!

Mayu-san, you are not the Undertaker and I promise you that the next time that I’m here in Stardom, you will be a dead b**tch because I want one more chance, one more opportunity to get back my IWGP Women’s Championship but I am not done with New Japan and I am not done with Stardom cause I am still on my world tour and my next stop is May 21 at Resurgence. So get ready to roll a nice big one because we’re going to my cousin’s house, Long Beach, baby! “

Transcript source: F4WOnline