Anthem argues Jeff Jarrett and GFE have failed to show claim of copyright infringement


Anthem Entertainment, the parent company and owners of Impact Wrestling, filed a series of motions on March 13 this week in the U.S. District Middle District of Tennessee.

According to a detailed report by PWInsider, Anthem is requesting that that amended lawsuit brought against them by Jeff Jarrett and GFE be dismissed.

Anthem argued in the motion that Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment (formerly Global Force Wrestling) failed to state an “adequate claim” of copyright infringement saying neither party registered the copyrights on the Global Force Wrestling Amped television footage before filing a lawsuit against Anthem.

The motion also argues that Jeff Jarrett authorized the use of the Amped footage during his time as Chief Creative Officer for Impact Wrestling and that he granted them a license to use the content, usage of his name and likeness. Anthem also claims they own the trademark and copyright for “Jeff Jarrett” after they acquired Impact, as all ownership of those previous trademarks were transferred to Anthem. Anthem further added they never abandoned that trademark, meaning Jarrett can’t petition the court.

As reported back in February, Jarrett and GFE have filed a second amended lawsuit against Anthem and Impact Wrestling over Anthem’s recent admission that they had deleted 16 hours of Global Force Wrestling Amped footage.

As part of the amended lawsuit, a response from Anthem (filed on November 30, 2018) revealed that the footage has now been deleted when answering a previous request from Jarrett and GFE to produce specific documents and information.