Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud departs Impact Wrestling

Rockstar Spud has received his official release from Impact Wrestling according to a report by The release went down around two to three weeks ago.

Spud signed with the company back during the TNA Wrestling era in 2013 after winning the first season of the company’s British Boot Camp reality series that aired in the UK.

He remained active with the company through 2017, including a brief stint as a ring announcer earlier this year during the Anthem regime. His last appearance was in June in a match against former WWE star Hornswoggle on Impact on Pop TV.

Anthem makes more cuts

Long-time running radio show Live Audio Wrestling was canceled by Anthem Sports and Entertainment (owners of the Fight Network and now Impact Wrestling).

John Pollock and Jason Agnew were also let go by Anthem as a result of the move. MMA analyst Robin Black was also let go by Anthem earlier this year.

While not stated publicly, this continues to be part of the Anthem cost-cutting in order to support the company’s purchase and investment into Impact Wrestling this year.


  1. That really sucks for John Pollock. The bloke is genuinely good at his job though, so no doubt he will find gainful employment somewhere.

  2. Dan the mouth & Wai were also let go as well. I’ve met Dan & Jason both multiple times. Wai & John only once. All of them great hard working guys. It sucks to have this pulled out from them.

  3. Eh, like with Robbie E. I never was a fan of his but he was a good worker I guess. Plus the fans seemed to like him. Best of luck to him wherever he goes.

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