Lethal Lockdown – Steel Cage Match
Aces and Eights vs. Team TNA

We start first with Mr. Anderson (Aces and Eights) and Magnus (Team TNA). Both exchange shots early. Magnus with a quick shoulder block that drops Anderson. Anderson with big rights to Magnus in the corner. Magnus responds with right hands and kicks of his own. Magnus catches Anderson with a high knee. Anderson ends up sending Magnus face first into the side of the cage and then goes back to work in the corner. Anderson gets a big headlock applied on Magnus to keep the action grounded. Double clothesline by both as the time expires.

Out next is Knox (Aces and Eights). Knox hits the ring and starts working over Magnus with a series of right hands and kicks. Knox sends Magnus into the corner and Magnus bounces off. Anderson does the same to Magnus in the opposite corner. Knox works on the lower back of Magnus and then connects with a big side slam. Anderson follows that up with a quick leg drop. Taz is laughing on commentary. Knox applies pressure to the head of Magnus using his boot. Anderson applies pressure to the gut of Magnus. Time expires. Out next is Samoa Joe (Team TNA).

Joe hits the ring and levels Knox and Anderson with a series of clotheslines. Joe with jabs to Knox and then follows with a huge dropkick that drops Knox. Anderson cuts off Joe and Joe follows with an inverted DDT and Magnus with a big boot. Joe with a quick senton splash. Joe with jabs to Knox in the corner as he falls to the mat. Magnus starts working over Anderson in the corner. Magnus starts choking Anderson with his boot in the corner. Joe with a series of chops to Knox in the corner. Joe and Magnus with double elbows to Anderson. Out next is Garett Bischoff (Aces and Eights).

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