Monday Night RAW’s lead writer Ryan Callahan fired from the company last week

RAW Lead Writer fired

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has an exclusive report, subsequently confirmed by other media sources, that RAW’s lead writer, Ryan Callahan, was fired from the company on Thursday.

The firing had nothing to do with storylines or declining ratings. The issue was that Callahan, who was based at the Stamford, Connecticut headquarters of WWE and did not travel on the road with the show, clashed with Dave Kapoor, who is part of the traveling creative team. The issues between the two are not clear, but they butted heads frequently. As a result, he was fired on May 2.

Callahan had been with the company for several years and had been helping out with the Smackdown writing team as well.

This is another of several shakeups involving the writing staff over the past month. Road Dogg also recently stepped down as lead writer of Smackdown, R.D. Evans quit during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as the new hirings of people like Bruce Pritchard and Dana Warrior.