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Royal Rumble Winners


Click here to read the 2015 WWE Royal Rumble Results. 

The following is the list of Royal Rumble Winners from 1988 to present:

1988: Hacksaw Jim Duggan - first ever winner of event.

1989: Big John Studd (via eliminating Ted DiBiase).

1990: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Mr. Perfect).

1991: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Earthquake).

1992: Ric Flair (via eliminating Sid Justice).

1993: Yokozuna (via eliminating Randy Savage).

1994: Bret Hart/Lex Luger.

Both men eliminated each other at same time to become '94 co-winners.

1995: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating British Bulldog).

1996: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating Diesel).

1997: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Bret Hart).

Bret Hart originally eliminated Austin when officials were not looking but Austin rolled back in and continued the match to eliminate Hart.

1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating The Rock).

1999: Vince McMahon (via eliminating Steve Austin).

2000: The Rock (via eliminating Big Show).

2001: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Kane).

2002: Triple H (via eliminating Kurt Angle).

2003: Brock Lesnar (via eliminating The Undertaker).

2004: Chris Benoit (via eliminating Big Show).

2005: Batista (via eliminating John Cena).

2006: Rey Mysterio (via eliminating Randy Orton).

2007: The Undertaker (via eliminating Shawn Michaels).

2008: John Cena (via eliminating Triple H).

2009: Randy Orton (via eliminating Triple H).

2010: Edge (via eliminating John Cena).

2011: Alberto Del Rio (via eliminating Santino Marella).

2012: Sheamus (via eliminating Chris Jericho).

2013: John Cena (via eliminating Ryback).

2014: Batista (via eliminating Roman Reigns).

2015: Roman Reigns (via eliminating Rusev).